High Resolution Intracellular Recordings?

yan king yin y.k.y at lycos.com
Wed Sep 3 18:48:24 EST 2003

Hi Everyone =)

I'm trying to find intracellular recordings of the soma of
in vivo neurons, with *temporal* resolutions in the sub-ms
range (the finer the better). What I want to see is how the
spatial and temporal integration actually take place in action.
Any web page, paper etc...?

I've read from Koch's "Biophysics of Computation" that it
takes about 64 EPSP inputs *at* the soma close together to
generate an action potential. (The threshold being about 16mV
above resting potential and each EPSP typically around 0.3mV).

Is it possible to actually discern individual contributions
of EPSPs from such recordings? What about background noise
that is not from EPSPs?

Thanks a lot!
Yan King Yin
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