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>The whole concept that people seem to be MISSING here is that YOU DON'T
>Sub-audible beat frequencies can affect brain waves.
>So can strobe lights.
>Did you know that strobe lights can also alter brain waves and have been
>known to trigger seizures?
>I've had some interesting meditational experiences using a sub-audible
>beat frequency tape, (I hear nothing) designed to alter brain waves to
>the level for astral travel. While I don't know if I have ever actually
>accomplished that act, I had some amazing dreams. ;-) Dick Sutphen has
>experimented with this concept on humans. There are temper control tapes
>out there that also use the same concept. Those worked on me. I am now
>more even tempered than I was before using them for a number of months
>several years ago.
>You don't have to hear it for it to work. The frequency used is
>determined by what "state" you want the brain to work in. Alpha waves etc.
>Here are some interesting links that I googled:

I don't know (or care) what goes on in the rec.pets.dogs.behavior news
group, but this stuff is cross posted to bionet.neuroscience.  The
word "science" in that news group is no accident.  

There is good science to indicate rather convincingly that this device
cannot do what is claimed and there is a rather deafening silence from
the world of science when it comes to showing any interest in
rigorously testng the device see whether or not there is any validity
to it.

It is not that scientists are totally disinterested in unusual
phenomena or are afraid that something will come along and upset the
cushy applecart of the science establishment that nourishes us.  It is
just that life is short and there are all sorts of interesting things
to investigate.  It is a matter of allocating resources.

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