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HOWEDY r norman,

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> I don't know (or care) what goes on in the
> rec.pets.dogs.behavior news group,

Yeah. Dog RESEARCH ain't got NUTHIN to do with humans.

> but this stuff is cross posted to bionet.neuroscience.

Shazam? You a scientist? On what do you base that?
You WORD ain't sufficient to PROVE this was cross

>  The word "science" in that news group is no accident.

INDEEDY? Can you PROVE IT, scientifically?

> There is good science to indicate rather convincingly that
> this device cannot do what is claimed

CITES PLEASE, mr. scientist?

> and there is a rather deafening silence

Oh. Perhaps that's COIN-CIDENCE?

> from the world of science

Perhaps your world is EXXXPANDING faster than
is comfey for you, and you FEEL you ain't TRAINED
to compete, mr. scientist?

> when it comes to showing any interest in
> rigorously testng the device

You mean, a device that might facilitate advances

> see whether or not there is any validity to it.

That's ALREADY PROVEN, mr. scientist.

> It is not that scientists are totally disinterested

PRECISELY. Perhaps they're simply NOT TRAINED
to COMPETE in a field where drugs and therapists,
are eliminated?

> in unusual phenomena

(And Kitty Will And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo
Or Two Did Too) are CONSISTENT, NOT AT ALL, unusual.

> or are afraid that something will come
> along and upset the cushy applecart

You mean, like The Puppy Wizard and HIS Machine?

> of the science establishment that nourishes us.

The Puppy Wizard PROMISES not to let HIS competitors

>  It is just that life is short

Well, permit The Puppy Wizard to PUNCH YOUR TICKET
and put you HOWETA your goddamned misery?

> and there are all sorts of interesting things to investigate.


DO TELL, mr. scientist?

> It is a matter of allocating resources.

Yeah. You don't have the INTELLECTUAL CURRENCY,

A non dog owner, Dr. Von, a child psychogist and
biofeedback training specialist, tested my machine
at the request of one of his friends who wanted his
opinion as to the efficacy of my machine. He loves
the concept, as it mirrors his approach to educating
difficult children:

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From: George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D.
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 3:21 PM
Subject: [GVS]doggydoright

I just had a nice talk with the man who invented
the "doggydoright" device.

If you know someone working at a shelter etc who
wants to quieten the dogs in the neighborhood then
this is an ideal present for them - and he will sell it
at a discount.  He sounds like someone we all know
who has no sense at all about money.

Nice, nice man.

"doggydoright" may be obtained from
ThePuppyWizard at EarthLink.Net

I now have four locations at which the thing has
worked, so I recommend it.

Yap yap yap no more!  I have zero financial interest in this.



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From: "George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D." <drvonh at mindspring.com>
To: "The Puppy Wizard" <ThePuppyWizard at earthlink.net>
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2003 11:47 AM
Subject: Doin people AND dogs

> Jerry!  I should have guessed; you are way ahead of me.
> I had the thought, "If DDR calms dogs so they don't bark,
> then why not human kids so they don't shout and jitterbug?"
>  Then I thought it might be like the dog whistle and maybe
>  not.
> Unfortunately, you must be as bad a businessman as me!
> Didn't give me a price!   My wife is slowly organizing me
> into making enough to retire on in another 20 years when
> I'm 90.
> In the meantime, I WANT a doggiedoright for the several
> new dogs that have moved into my neighborhood and are
> barking their lungs out.  And, I had the thought today, this
> 32 year old I'm seeing might benefit, just like a dog,
> wonder what DDR would do for him?
> Oh, goodie, it turns out that a new neighbor has a yapping
> dog, didn't even have to sell 'em on the device for himself.
> Hot rats!
> I'll get you on the fone today or tomorrow, but meantime
> ship me one! Or drive it over.  I'm at 125 S. Swoope Ave,
> #109, Maitland, FL 32751 - Swoope is a 2 block street,
> one block east of 17/92 crossing Horatio at the Colonial
> Bank, and the Melting Pot.  Wanna do lunch?
> I have a lady client whose kid benefits from my stuff,
> and she works for Correction!  Why don't you run
> one of your machines outside 33rd Street?  Or would
> all the bars act as Faraday cages? pfui!.   What kind
> of energy is the signal?
> Think too many people remember that DDR stands for
> East Germany?  Deutsche Democratische Republik
> hot rats!  I once thought it was absurd to think there
> would ever again be one Germany, much more crazy to
> think one truly free Germany.  Excellent to be wrong.
> George
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> To: "George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D." <drvonh at mindspring.com>
> Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 10:14 AM
> Subject: Re: PO #03230403
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> > From: George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D.
> > To: doggiedoright
> > Sent: Wednesday, April 23, 2003 5:20 PM
> > Subject: PO #03230403
> >
> > HOWEDY Dr. Von!
> >
> > Nice to hear from you today, I think of you often.
> >
> > Please note my new email address.
> >
> > > Mr. Howe!  The fellow in Virginia to whom I shipped
> > > the doggie do right is extremely pleased with it.
> >
> > But of course! It's a marvelous machine, ain't it.
> >
> > > I need to buy another.
> >
> > My pleasure. I've been gettin more and more
> > astounding reports of it's efficacy.
> >
> > > Send me the particulars, please.
> >
> > HOWE come you don't just call me ANYTIME at
> >  407-425-5092, I'd love to discuss some behavioral
> > issues with you.

> > Or, you can have your friend call me at 1-888-BIOSOUND.
> >
> > > Thanks much, Dr. Von
> >
> > Thank you, Doc! I've had probably a half dozen DDR
> > customers come from your students and friends.
> >
> > > If you need an endorsement let me know.
> >
> > I sure could use some support, Doc.
> >
> > People do not want to believe that all behavior
> > problems are caused by mishandling, and that
> > simply breaking the stress and anxiety associated
> > with daily life can rehabilitate the most severe phobias
> > and inappropriate habits, nearly instantly.
> >
> > Everything we've been taught abHOWET behaviorISM
> > is DEAD WRONG, according to my dog studies... I've
> > got case histories that would make you cry, Dr. Von...
> >
> > Dogs mishandled for months and years at the most
> >  renowned behavior clinics like Purdue, rehabilitated
> > in a couple of days, maybe less, simply from NOT
> > punishing and correcting and forcing control, and
> > learning to use distraction and praise and praise in
> > advance, to control inappropriate or undesirable
> > behaviors.
> >
> > Everything I've learned and taught abHOWET dog
> > behavior is applicable to children's learning and
> > behavior problems. It's all the same same same same...
> >
> > Here's a discussion I had about a week ago with
> > one of my students. The child has had 'autism'
> > and seizures since her vaccinations as an infant.
> > She's about 2-3 years old now:
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > HOWE'S the baby's seizures?
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > better
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > got any idea how much better?
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > not really
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > she doesn't do em here that i see
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > amazing
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > when's the last time she seized with you?
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > weeks ago?
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > but before the machine it was daily?
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > every minute!
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > does her mom use it at her HOWES?
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > yup
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > i yelled at her about it
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > ask her when's the last time she saw a seizure for me
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > k . she's sleepin now, ill talk to her tonight, she's
> > comin over
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > yeah... that's pretty good stuff
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > yup
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > i love mine
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > no barkin the neighborhood at all anymore
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > ever
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > right
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > once in a blue moon some distant dog will bark
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > but all the neighbors dogs are quiet
> >
> > Jerry says:
> > when you hear that distant dog throw the machine on
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > we do
> >
> > parentadlitem says:
> > it's really rare though
> >
> > =================

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From: George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D.
To: Andrew
Sent: Friday, September 05, 2003 11:08 AM
Subject: DOGGIE DO RIGHT, wanna join the party?

Andrew, Jerry Howe is here as I type and we have
decided to create a human mellowing branch and
to sell the marvel mystery device.   Here is my first
draft. What do you think?


Friends and colleagues:

A couple of years ago I became interested in Doggy
Do Right (DDR) a sonic device which inhibits barking
in your neighbors' yappy dogs.

I tested the instrument and became pleased at the
silence in our neighborhood.

I perused the manual for the DDR which has significant
guidance for loving your own dog so that the wee beast no
longer leaps up on you, howls, whines, tears up your shoes,
escapes, digs holes, spins around, throws up in the car, eats
paper, self-mutilates, fears thunder, suffers when you go to
the store and don't take him, and all the other ills and
behavior problems to which the domesticated dog is prone.

Jerry Howe, the inventor of the DDR, understands doggy
behavior so well he might well have been a student of Sam
Corson (Pavlov's last student who fixed hyperactive dogs, and
started our profession, as well as the profession of "Pet
Facilitated Therapy").

It occured to me that we might put ourselves out of work.

Ifa sonic device can mellow hyperactive dogs, why
wouldn't it do so for hyperactive kids and neurotic adults?

So, I am inviting a few friends and colleagues to join me in
forming a company, which will lease BABY BE GOOD; HAPPY
STRONG - these are just first pass names for the device in its
several adjustments.  Jerry Howe, genius inventor says you
have to refine the adjustment for .

More than a thousand owners agree that DOGGY DO RIGHT
happifies the  dogs next door so they don't bark.  DOGGY DO
RIGHT also happifies the dog in your home so that she doesn't
do all the unwanted, unpleasant things that dogs often do.

AND!!!  DOGGY DO RIGHT happifies the humans in your
house so that they are more mellow, happy, quiet and not
so dratted obsessive and angry.

Problem here.  Is this therapy?  If so the poor little
silently singing device needs $4,000,000 to do an FDA study.


It is the same effect that Baroque music has on emotion,
learning, behavior and memory.  Baroque music mellows and
enhances and so does DOGGY DO RIGHT.

Of course, these wonderful results have to be proved, by
acceptable means.


Jerry, don't think I sent this to you.  A remarkable success
for DDR - I keep wanting to call it, Doggie Be Good, DBG.

Maybe we ought to try it as an alternate name!  Set up your
own competition.

Fondly, George

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From: Andy
To: George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D.
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: Doggie Do Right;

I have to agree with George. I found out about this and asked
George to look into it. Got good results, so I bought one. I
have 6 LOUD dogs outside my back window, chained up all the
time, less than 50 feet behind the house. They used to keep me
up nights until I bought the DDR machine.  Now, quiet.

Yes, they bark when someone gets too close at odd hours, but
then they stop. Used to be they would bark for hours. (Their
owner must wonder what happened, I called the cops a couple of
times, but didn't want to drag him into court.)


At 05:06 PM 5/5/2003 -0400, George von Hilsheimer, Ph.D.

Doggie Do Right; Kitty Will; A Rooster did and a Cockatoo or
two did too.

The inventor is visiting with me.  I am severely impressed.

So, I wanna know, do you wish to explore with me the marketing
of this device.

Greg tried the machine out; Andy has one; I can't recall if I
told John about it or not.  You'd love the guy, he looks like
Johnie Appleseed before his hair went white, long black
beard, but no bs.

Not defensive at all when I asked the hard questions; a bit of
an idealist when it came to making money, but he's sold a
thousand of the damned things, and has some very solid

I ran his EEG when the instrument was broadcasting and
damn it changed the brainwaves.  Hot rats.

I think we could do good, and do well, too.

The point of it is that my evidence is that it will calm down
kids, stop seizures, and mellow out their parents.  We have to
prove this, but he already has a psychiatrist with excellent
comments; and me; and sampling his sales will build a lovely
package. 1000 sold already.

I made another trial with new dogs just up the street and the
damned things shut up.  The dogs next door have remained
silent since I first tried it a year ago.

What ya think?      George


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From: jane granite
To: ThePuppyWizard at EarthLink.Net
Sent: Saturday, September 06, 2003 6:42 PM
Subject: Re: Ask The Puppy Wizard- Doggy Do Right (And Kitty
Will And A Rooster Did And A Cockatoo Or Two Did Too) The
Little Black Box That Cures Animal's Annoying Habits


I love my new Doggie do right...and so do the 15 dogs
that live within ear shot of it. They have all been 99%
more quiet and peaceful.

The neighbor's rooster has changed his crowing
constantly for two or three hours every morning to
crowing only once!

Thank you!!!!!!

I have a question that I need answered asap because
I'd like to buy a bat house today if the bats will want to
live with my DDR. have you had any feedback about
its affect on bats? My garden is being demolished by
bugs and I'd really like to attract some bats to help
with the problem.

Please let me know asap.

Thanks again....you have saved my sanity!

Love, Jane


Subj: Fear of Thunder
Date: 6/29/02 6:07:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: Jraltman
To: Witsenddog

Dear Jerry,

I hope you'll be able to post this message so more
people who are at their wit's end will be able to help
their dogs.

To review:

Our puppy was uncomfortable during thunder storms.
At the beginning of the problem, she paced restlessly
from room to room. She couldn't settle and sleep.

>From there the problem grew. She would run to the far
southeast corner of the house (which makes sense
because most storms here come from the northwest)
and she'd cower in the corner of the couch and shake.

!st attempt to help her:

I'd pick her up, brush and massage her (call me a nut -
I've sung to her when I've done her daily brushing since
she was tiny so of course I sang too) and when she
relaxed, I'd put her in her crate. She then slept and I
thought the problem was solved.

Traumatic event:

We were out in the park playing with one of her doggy
friends when it began to rain. On the way home, there
was the loudest, longest, thunder clap I've ever heard.

>From that day on, the problem got worse and worse.
I couldn't calm her with singing and massage. The fear
spread. She wouldn't go out if it was raining. No thunder,
just gently summer rain, and she wouldn't go out.

The solution:

I surfed the net and came across a free manual Wit's
End Dog Training Method and a product called Doggy
Do Right that seemed better than anything else I came

A phone call to Jerry Howe, author of the manual and
Director of Research, Biosound Scientific, convince me
to try both the manual and the product.

Problem solved:

I followed Jerry's suggestions (more phone calls - he is
most generous with his time and advice). The first two
thunder storms my puppy was restless but not running
around in a blind panic.

The third storm, she barked her deep, stranger danger
bark after each clap of thunder. The fourth storm, she
seemed uneasy at first. Soon she was asleep at my
feet and she napped through the rest of the storm.

A miracle. I am endlessly grateful to Jerry
for his manual and his machine.

A word about Doggy Do Right. It is odd to buy a
machine that emits a sound I cannot hear. I took
the chance because Jerry offered a full refund
including shipping.

Though I heard nothing, my puppy clearly did. When
I first turned on the machine, she got the cutest, most
quizzical look on her face. She looked at me as if to
say: "What's that? I never heard that before."

She looks at the machine when it is on. She rests on the floor
beneath it. It is obvious from her behavior that she is aware
of its cycles.


Thank you Jerry.


From: Chris Williams (k9apple at webtv.net)
Subject: Re: Thank you Jerry Howe
Date: 2002-03-26 08:16:19 PST

       Engrossing account, Anthony.  Our best to Angel
and your family.

       A friend, who socializes the kittens I've taken
from a feral cat colony, is using the DDR.

       She reports far fewer panic problems than
she's had before.


      Chris Williams writes:

"The FREE Wits' End Dog Training Method manual
I do find valuable. Much of it I recognize as what
I've always done without thinking of it as "training".
New stuff, I've used. His anchoring technique erased
the last of Mac's fireworks trauma,"


"Anthony Testa" <testa52601 at aol.com> wrote in message
news:c603fe9c.0203260607.77c283ce at posting.google.com...

> I moved to Jacksonville, Florida about a year
> ago with my lovely wife  linda. 3 times a week
> for 7 months I visited the Dog shelter and
> Humane Society looking for a German Shepherd.
> There were several times they had a dog there,
> but I was looking for a bitch. The reason for this
> is, all my life I have always had a female German
> shepherd. Therefore, I wanted another one. Finally
> about 6 weeks ago, I found her. "Angel" looked
> just like my previous dog of 12 years. I called my
> wife, she came down and fell in love with her immediately.
> We filled out the paper work and left the Humane
> Society with her. We drove directly to Pet Smart to
> buy all the essentials. We bought the biggest crate
> available. Let it be known I have never used a crate
> with any of my previous dogs. The biggest difference
> is my other dogs I had from puppy age. Angel just
> turned 2, 3 days before adoption.
> Angel appeared to be happy the trip home. Her ears
> were down all the time and her tail was so far between
> her legs that it looked like she had 3 ears. (humor)
> None the less, we knew we had a dog that was insecure.
> The first night we let Angel sleep in the living room.
> However, we had to go to work the next day. We pet
> her, kissed her and put her in the crate in the middle
> of the living room. During the day, my sons came
> home to walk her, give her a little loving and play with
> her. Then put her back in the crate and go to work.
> When we got home the first day, everything in the
> crate was ripped to shreds. The neighbors
> approached us and said that the dogs barked
> constantly for 3 hours then barked continuously after
> my sons left again. We thought it was because
> everything was new. We were wrong. The dig did
> this every day for 4 days.
> The 4th day was our first scheduled visit with the
> vet. The vet told us he can see that the dog is
> suffering from abuse and separation anxiety. So,
> the vet puts the dog on clomicalm. (not sure of the
> spelling).
> Well, for two days the dog walked around like Jerry
> Garcia on a Friday night after a concert, stoned!
> However, we were home with her the entire weekend.
> We crated her for work and came home to a barking
> dog, ripped bedding in the crate, upset neighbors
> and the plastic bottom of the crate completely torn
> to bits. It was obvious that crating was not a good thing.
> The next day we decided to leave her out of the crate
> to see what would happen. What a major mistake.
> We came home to almost $1,000 in damage.
> Furniture, the blinds were all chewed and torn down, etc.
> The next day we put her in the crate again. This
> time we came home to a nice 2' x 3' hole in our
> carpet in the middle of the living room, right down
> to the cement. I told my wife that we cannot afford
> to keep this dog. We should go out and get a puppy.
> She was upset and said there must be something
> we can do. I told her this. " I will go on the internet
> and see what is available". I was desperate and
> wanted to see if there was someone who could help.
> We read the information about the DDR and emailed
> Jerry. Jerry was kind enough to give us his phone
> number to discuss Angel in more detail.
> First, at no cost he sent us his manual. We started
> doing exactly what he said to do in the manual.
> Exactly as we did was was written, the results were
> exactly as he said it would be. Then we purchased
> the DDR.
> This is an amazing god send to us. First of all,
> Jerry sent it to us without paying. (thanks for that
> gesture) This has such and AMAZING effect. This testimonial
> is kind of  winded so I will say this......Jerry's product
> literally saved this dogs life.
> Angel can be left alone during the day. NO CRATE. The
> dog shows absolutely no sign of anxiety at all. Jerry told
> us the product works immediately and it did! She does
> not bark at all during the day except when the mailman
> drops mail into the slot on the door. The manual for
> training works exactly as it says!
> We told our vet about this and he said that there are
> all kind of gimmicks. I told my vet that as a person who
> holds a degree of higher education, there just are some
> things they don't have in the text books and he should
> be receptive to that. We are proof. Angel was one
> day from going back to the humane society.
> Listen to this...My wife wrote one of the so called know
> it all of pets. His response to the exact letter we
> initially wrote to Jerry..."Get rid of the dog, bring her
> back" I'll save this person embarrassment by not saying the
> name. However, you know who you are and I have this to say
> to you. Go pump gas or bus tables because you
> sir, do not belong working with animals!
> Jerry, after reading some of the threads in the news
> group, I can't for the life of me understand why this
> many people are so dang blind or ignorant.
>  You just keep plugging away at what you do, because
> you my friend are a life saver!!!
> Anytime you need someone to speak about the results
> of your product, you have my number. We would gladly
> talk to them.
> Thank you very much for all your help. God bless you...
> Anthony & Linda Testa
> Jacksonville, Florida


> mshaw at bangnetcom.com (Mark Shaw) wrote in message
news:<lmWo8AeR1HVP092yn at panix.com>...

> > In article
> > <c603fe9c.0203260607.77c283ce at posting.google.com>,
> > testa52601 at aol.com (Anthony Testa) wrote: [...]
> > > Jerry, after reading some of the threads in the news
> > > group, I can't for the life of me understand why this
> > > many people are so dang blind or ignorant.
> > > You just keep plugging away at what you do, because you
> > > my friend are a life saver!!!
> > Okay, who the heck ARE you, really?
> Who am I? My real name is posted. The story you have read is
> true.
> We were at witts end, found Jerry's web page by
> happenstance, wrote to him almost exactly what you read, he
> gave me his suggestions, told me what my results would be
> including a time line and, you know what? He was and still
> is, right on the money.
> I don't care if he's a warlock, a professor, disgruntled
> Entomologist, or a man with a niche that makes the sciences
> itchy, he saved the day AND a dog's life.
> We were given suggestions from Medication, to a Behavioral
> Specialist. I decided that instead of creating a Jerry
> Garcia or pay 125.00 dollars an hour for my dog to lay on a
> couch to be freudiated, I decided Jerry Howe's method seemed
> to be more humane and serene. It worked, end of story.
> A. Testa

My student Anthony summed it all up:
"Alpha" <sweeney1 at bigpond.com> wrote in message
news:bsf69.5447$g9.19553 at newsfeeds.bigpond.com...

> Well there you go, I was willing to believe but then jerry
> it was another hallucination of yours, just like all those
> thank you letters you write, a lie, a fabrication, a wank...
> > From: TESTA52601 (testa52601 at aol.com)
> > Subject: Re: Thank you Jerry Howe
> > Date: 2002-03-28 10:01:34 PST
> > Alpha,
> > It's uneducated, ball breakers like you that create dismay
> > throughout this society. Get a life. you took apart a
> > letter from someone who has shown nothing but love and
> > caring, including lots of money and twisted it to YOUR
> > point.
> > Ever consider politics? I challenge you to show me your
> > credentials and results you come up with. The things I did
> > with the dog WAS against MY wishes. However, I listen
> > to pencil neck geeks that sit behind a monitor and get 30
> > different suggestions. This dog could not be happier if
> > she was gnawing on all three of your legs.
> > The bottom line to my letter was to tell people  "don't
> > knock it until you try it"
> > P.S. Write me personally if you have any
> > credentials.......


"Linda" <llindaleedaniel at msn.com> wrote in message
news:3c317fe4.0304110810.5ee8358d at posting.google.com...
> "Rosa Palmén" <rosa at no-spam.locomail.com> wrote in message
news:<_bhla.1641$M47.1027163 at reader1.news.jippii.net>...

> Rosa, I got the doggy do right machine from Jerry
> in Jan and my dog relaxed in the first week.  He
> does not have SA but he scratched himself raw
> until I got the machine. He also was a frantic
> chewer on his sticks until I got the machine.
> In less than a month he really relaxed.  Now when
> the machine in on he just lays down and goes to sleep.
> If there is something outside that upsets him like a
> cat in the yard I just turn it on and he can cope.
> You will see all sorts of comments about the machine
> being as loud as a freight train etc but it is small and
> can not be heard by humans.  I know he can hear it
> and that it relaxes him because I can see him relax
> when he hears it.
> I used the machine outside on the patio to quiet to
> dogs behind us that barked a hundred times a day.
> In two weeks they reduced the barking by 80%-- 
> When they barked after the machine was on Sunshine
> ran to the patio as they were alarm barking not just
> barking to pass the time.
>  I asked the owners if they had noticed the dogs barking
> less and they said yes they had guessed the dogs were
>  just growing up.
> Sunshine loved daycare but he was kicked out when he
> got aggressive but now than he has been trained with
> Jerry's Wits End Method and the machine I think I will
> let him go back to daycare.
> I am disabled so I can not run and play with him and
> I know he needs to play with other dogs.
> Go to www.doggydoright.com and read about the
>  machine and get a free copy of Wits End Training
> Manual--since the info is free you won't
> lose anything and you can really help your dog.
> Linda and Sunshine


          "misty" <Momisty at webtv.net> wrote in message
          news:21047-3CAD0E8A-173 at storefull-2291.public.lawson.w
          ebtv .net...
         > Jerry sent me the DDR when I mentioned my cockatoo
         > was stressed out by my then just learning to walk
         > baby.

         > Buddy was screaming day and night..lunging at Joey
         > whenever he crawled up to Buddy's cage and nipping
         > the baby ( if Buddy wanted to his beak is powerful
         > enough to sever an adult's finger in one snap!) At
         > first we noticed nothing... after a few days
         > ..nothing..nothing except quiet :-)

         > That's not to say Buddy never screams.. heh.. he'a a
         > 'Too.. but the late night scream-a-thons ended.

          > He also tolerates Joey playing in his water dish
          > <sigh> just what I want...2 splashers! Buddy loves
          > to bathe in his water until there's more water on
          > the floor and walls than in his dish :-)

          > Twice now Buddy has had marathon scream-a-thons...
          > for a few days each time. It takes that long for me
          > to realize the DDR is unplugged :-O
          > Once cos DH did some maintenance and forgot to plug
          > it back in ( of course he remembered to plug the
          > washing machine back in ;-P)

          > The second time I had unplugged it while
          > sweeping...and forgot to plug it back in...

          > We sure enjoy him being such a good bird! He's been
          > so loving to everyone... my older 2 boys love being
          > able to give him scritches again.

          > ~misty

          > (No, Jerry, you can't have the DDR back just yet! :-)


"misty" <Momisty at webtv.net> wrote in message
news:1199-3BD34D6A-229 at storefull-235.iap.bryant.webtv.net...

 > Jerry has taken the time to help me out off the NG. I have
 > a very loud cockatoo who has been having problems adjusting
 > to my 8 month old son.
 > Joey is learning to walk. He likes to use Buddy's cage as a
 > hold on for dear life object.
 > Buddy wasn't exposed to toddlers prior to Joey.. my older
 > two boys went through this stage in a different house where
 > Buddy had his own room and the boys had only visits, not
 > daily contact 24/7.
 > Buddy has always been spooked by "tiny" humans. Joey has
 > been driving him nuts! He showed his disapproval by
 > non-stop screaming. A cockatoo scream can be heard a block
 > away with all the widows shut <g> being in the house it
 > makes your ears pop and your nerves crawl.
 > Jerry sent me Free his DDR. He sent instructions on how to
 > use it. He answered my questions quite politely.
 > I have been using the DDR in my kitchen ( where Buddy is
 > located~ teensy 4 room house) for 3 weeks.
 > At first I noticed no difference in Buddy's behavior. Then
 > I realized after a week that he no longer screamed for
 > hours on end. This isn't to say he stopped completely <bg>
 > he still demands his share of all meals. But he doesn't
 > start screaming at 10 pm when he wants _everyone_ to go to
 > bed. Last week he had a day where he screamed all day. My
 > nerves were frazzled. I went to turn the DDR up a notch per
 > Jerry's instructions. I discovered the DDR was shut off! I
 > turned it back on and left it on the lowest setting. Buddy
 > calmed back down and quit screaming.
 > In the time that I've had the DDR on I've had a lot of c*ts
 > come to my house. One I adopted and he's quite the sweetie.
 > He's a yellow tiger named Gatomon ( means c*t monster) who
 > is very friendly with my kids and Zelda.
 > I may not like how Jerry treats other posters but I do like
 > the methods he shares. Being on a limited budget I like
 > things that are free. I also like the fact that I can
 > e-mail him and get advice whenever I need it.
 > Even my DH who is a technical minded kind of guy thinks the
 > DDR is working. ( He went to Devry and has a degree in
 > electronics, knows alot about radios and anything
 > mechanical... he's a jack of all trades around the house
 > <g>). He does NDT for a living.
 > We don't expect to need the DDR forever.. As soon as Joey
 > is walking, Buddy will realize that he's not a strange
 > animal.. some kind of furless dog or c*t <bg>.


Elaine McClung, President of Pet Rescue, Animal Commissioner
                 Brevard Co FL, writes: Sep 9, 2000

     "I ordered from Jerry a long time ago.. He was helpful
     and the order was filled promptly. Yes, Doggie Do Right
     does indeed exist.

     I "had" a very aggressive female Pit.. She was showing
     aggression not only towards Dok, Rhodesian Ridgeback,
     but our cats and even us.

     She now plays with Dok, even to the point of allowing him
     to take a toy or bone from her. She no longer shows any
     aggression towards us. She is showing some aggression
     towards the cats but that is down to a warning growl.

     It is not just my opinion that all this aggression
     existed before Doggie Do Right as we were advised by
     three vets to euthanize her.

     I do very much believe that DDR will help JR as I know it
     has helped my dogs and cats. I do think your product is a
     valuable tool in helping with aggression and other
     behavior problems.

     I am in Feral CatNetwork (we spay and neuter
     approximately 100 feral cats a month), I am also a member
     of a local AKC dog obedience club, member of a local AKC
     agility club, president of Pet Rescue, board member of
     the Alliance for Care and Welfare of Animals (on the
     board are: county commissioner, vet. rep., rep. from AKC
     dog club, CFA cat club, assistant County manager, head of
     animal control, director of two different shelters, etc.)
     and Space Coast Feline Network

     Thanks, Elaine,


     Hi Jerry,

     I wrote to you a week or so ago about the unit. I have
     since borrowed one from Elaine Mc Clung. She speaks very
     highly of it.

     So, I brought it home and plugged it in. Of course, I
     wanted it to come on, all the barking stop, and have
     every one immediately fall to the floor in little comas
     for a few hours. Well, after I got all 27 of them to be
     quiet, still no comas. But, it had only been 36 seconds
     at that point. So, I gave it a little longer. Still no
     comas. Was this really going to work? I mean, I do have
     an unusual situation.

     So, by bedtime, a few hours later. I started to notice
     just how many were asleep already - with their feet in
     the air! I started to have hope. During the night, all
     was calm. In the morning when I got up, only a few of
     them WALKED quietly to the door to go out. Not the usual

     I had the unit from Sunday afternoon until Tuesday
     Morning. I was certainly pleased with the night effect. I
     wasn't so sure about the amount of the day time effect.
     Until I took it back. Within half an hour, the monsters
     had resurfaced. I wondered if I could break into Elaine's
     house and if she would notice :)

     I know another person who does dog rescue. She rescues
     Beagles. She has 23 in an 1100 square foot house. God
     bless her. She is interested to see if it will work for
     her. I also spoke to someone else who does cat rescue,
     and she is interested. The cat rescue people have monthly
     meetings. Maybe Elaine could give a word or two about it.

     So, if there are any words of advice you can send my way
     about the best way to use it in my case, I would
     appreciate it. I of course wanted to keep it on the
     highest setting, but don't know if that is advised, even
     with my situation of so many new ones coming and (too
     few) going.

     Also, how I and others can go about getting one, etc. I
     think the vets should have the info in their offices. It
     must help dogs with separation anxiety. My vet practices
     homeopathic as well as traditional medicine, so I
     would think it would be right up her alley.

     Thank you.
     Desiree M Webber
     A New Leash On Life


     From: "Regina Guerrero" <>
     To: <jhowe2 at bellsouth.net>
     Sent: Friday, December 14, 2001 11:42 AM
     Subject: Thank You!

     > I just wanted to take a bit of time
     > to tell you how much I appreciate your product and
     > your training methods as well.

     > When my little Chihuahua first arrived
     > I was overwhelmed with her anxiety and
     > her ability to just Bark endlessly.

     > I received your product and at first I thought
     > I was using it wrong, because my puppy just seemed to
     > ignore it.

     > But after a week or two, she began to calm down
     > considerably as well as act more friendly towards
     > people on the street.

     > I can't believe the difference I see in my little
     > puppy. Your product is a life saver!

     > Thanks again for everything.

     > Sincerely,
     > Regina Guerrero


  Thank you,
  Jerry Howe,
  Director of Research,
  BIOSOUND Scientific
  Director of Training,
  Wits' End Dog Training
  1611 24th St
  Orlando, FL 32805
  Phone: 1-407-425-5092
  Phone: 1-888-BIOSOUND (1-888-246-7686)
  Phone: 1-888-WITSEND  (1-888-948-7363)

  The Puppy Wizard. <}TPW ; -  )   >

          (_o_)  Have a great day!
           /  V)
           (l l l)        Your Puppy Wizzzard. <}YPW ; ~  }

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