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>On Sat, 06 Sep 2003 22:39:19 -0500, Katra <Katra at centurytel.net>
>>The whole concept that people seem to be MISSING here is that YOU DON'T
>>Sub-audible beat frequencies can affect brain waves.
>>So can strobe lights.
>>Did you know that strobe lights can also alter brain waves and have been
>>known to trigger seizures?
>>I've had some interesting meditational experiences using a sub-audible
>>beat frequency tape, (I hear nothing) designed to alter brain waves to
>>the level for astral travel. While I don't know if I have ever actually
>>accomplished that act, I had some amazing dreams. ;-) Dick Sutphen has
>>experimented with this concept on humans. There are temper control tapes
>>out there that also use the same concept. Those worked on me. I am now
>>more even tempered than I was before using them for a number of months
>>several years ago.
>>You don't have to hear it for it to work. The frequency used is
>>determined by what "state" you want the brain to work in. Alpha waves etc.
>>Here are some interesting links that I googled:
>I don't know (or care) what goes on in the rec.pets.dogs.behavior news
>group, but this stuff is cross posted to bionet.neuroscience.  The
>word "science" in that news group is no accident.  
>There is good science to indicate rather convincingly that this device
>cannot do what is claimed and there is a rather deafening silence from

Could you be so kind as to point us in the direction of this "good
science" -- i.e., something other than conjecture.

>the world of science when it comes to showing any interest in
>rigorously testng the device see whether or not there is any validity
>to it.
>It is not that scientists are totally disinterested in unusual
>phenomena or are afraid that something will come along and upset the
>cushy applecart of the science establishment that nourishes us.  It is
>just that life is short and there are all sorts of interesting things
>to investigate.  It is a matter of allocating resources.

Ergo I am taking the lead in testing this device.  If you have
something to contribute, fine.  If not, I suggest you ignore this
thread and all posts with my name on them, because this is Usenet and
I pay for my access just as you do, and I will post in
bionet.neuroscience as I see fit.


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