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Charlie Wilkes charlie_wilkes at easynews.com
Sun Sep 7 19:48:22 EST 2003

On Sun, 07 Sep 2003 14:54:20 GMT, Julia Altshuler
<jaltshuler at comcast.net> wrote:

>> I don't know (or care) what goes on in the rec.pets.dogs.behavior news
>> group, but this stuff is cross posted to bionet.neuroscience.  The
>> word "science" in that news group is no accident.  
>I hadn't noticed the crosspost, or I would have jumped in with this 
>sooner.  The dog groups have been plagued with the troll who posts about 
>the DDR constantly.  Everyone there now ignores him.  Then he started 
>crossposting so new people would discuss.  The only thing that has ever 
>worked to keep the usenet groups on topic has been to help new people 
>learn to ignore him sooner.  Here's the canned post on the topic.  I 
>hope it helps.

You and your ladies club have killfiled about half the regulars in
rec.pets.dogs.behavior, Julia.  You don't want rude interruptions in
your bubble-headed banter about hairdos and quilting parties.

But I have not killfiled you.  Unless I am very much mistaken, your
fancy show-trials dog ran around the neighborhood for 45 minutes,
heedless of your desperate calls, until your husband sneaked up on it
and tackled it.

All of which demonstrates that you don't really know or care about
anything relevant to rec.pets.dogs.behavior.  But I can't evaluate
your neurology credentials as I have never seen you in this group

>6.  Understand Candace.  Candace is an automatic program that answers
>troll posts automatically, repetititively and relentlessly.  Most of us
>find these posts boring after a short while and killfile it too.  That's
>O.K.  You can't hurt its feelings.
Candace the spambot is DEAD, along with its creator, Karen J. Cravens.


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