DDR Machine

The Puppy Wizard ThePuppyWizard at earthlink.net
Sun Sep 7 19:59:57 EST 2003

HOWEDY randi,

If you'd like, The Puppy Wizard can make it squeal like a pig
to make you feel comfy...

The Pig Wizard. <} ; ~ )   >

"Randi Helene Tillung" <tillung at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:wLN6b.20716$os2.285988 at news2.e.nsc.no...
> I suspected it was some kind of junk, from the look of the
crappy homepage
> :) I was just wandering what it was supposed to be doing.
Wouldn't be
> surprised if it didn't make a sound at all...
> Randi Helene

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