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Matthew Kirkcaldie Matthew.Kirkcaldie at newcastle.edu.au
Mon Sep 8 03:29:00 EST 2003

In article <r99olv8u7us97jefe2gu1d93ifuh8ikuc3 at 4ax.com>,
 Charlie Wilkes <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote:

> All I know is what I read in the papers, my friend.  And this has been
> in the papers a lot over the past decade or more.  Here are some
> links:
> http://www.niehs.nih.gov/emfrapid/extrmurabs/williams.html

This is a seven year old research proposal, not a report of findings.

> http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega222.htm

One study finding DNA changes at high intensity; the remainder 
documenting some physical changes after exposure to mains electricity 
frequencies, and other articles noting that the phenomenon is worth 
looking into.  Again, not a great deal of evidence there.

> http://www.grn.es/electropolucio/omega91.htm

Some interesting findings regarding cell phones and then stuff about an 
apparent miraculous self-sustaining energy source.  I don't think this 
site has its filters set to reject very much.  Can't say I will lie 
awake worrying about it.


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