Report of Ecstasy Drug's Great Risks Is Retracted

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>>>   If so, then why would the authors publicly admit they screwed up
>>> and gave the monkeys meth instead of MDMA? It looks like an honest
>>> mistake.
>> How do you make that kind of mistake?  These are controlled substances
>> and are, presumably, kept in locked cabinets or safes.
>> The only way such a mistake could have occurred is by a) sabotage, b)
>> fraud or c) an irresponsible disregard for the truth. I don't see how
>> honest mistakes come into - only dishonest ones.
>   Both would have been locked in the same safe. Someone grabbed the
>wrong container.


: Professor Ricaurte admitted that their Ecstasy sample had arrived
: at the laboratory in the same package as another, more potent form
: of amphetamine. 


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