Report of Ecstasy Drug's Great Risks Is Retracted--crossposted

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>Speaking for myself, at least, I would be grateful if this message were not
>crossposted to bionet.neuroscience.
>I think it would be appropriate and polite to post it in that ng separately,
>and if there is little or no reponse, to discontinue posting of similar

I only post a small fraction of these drug news items to
news:bionet.neuroscience and there were responses from the newsgroup.

I would have thought that everyone in news:bionet.neuroscience would
be interested when a major journal publishes a story that gets a huge
amount of publicity - and then, one year later, the author retracts it
- saying that the bottles of controlled drugs he tested must have had
the labels switched by a gremlin.

Of all the articles I've sent to news:bionet.neuroscience this is the
one, more than any other, that everyone would be most interested in

There are so many interesting aspects to discuss here:
* were the labels actually switched?,
* who switched the labels - how and why?,
* how many lies would you be prepared to make to get infinite amounts
of funds from NIDA? [not that I'm suggesting anyone actually went that

I can see this topic providing many animated bar-room conversations
for neuroscientists, but I apologise for boring you.

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