Report of Ecstasy Drug's Great Risks Is Retracted

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Mon Sep 8 11:42:51 EST 2003

Peter H. Proctor wrote:
> On Mon, 08 Sep 2003 08:12:08 GMT, Jasbird
> <> wrote:
>> How do you make that kind of mistake?  These are controlled
>> substances and are, presumably, kept in locked cabinets or safes.
>       And counted so every vial is accounted for.   Remember,  ecstasy
> is schedule 1 and methamphetamine is schedule 2.
>> The only way such a mistake could have occurred is by a) sabotage, b)
>> fraud or c) an irresponsible disregard for the truth. I don't see how
>> honest mistakes come into - only dishonest ones.
>       I don't recall anything similar even for nonscheduled drugs,
> much less for a a schedule 1 "narcotic".      To give them the benefit
> of the doubt- there are so many controls on these drugs that everybody
> concerned likely just assumed that nothing like this was possible.

   Consider the following possibility. A shipment of 200 mg of MDMA, and
200 mg of methamphetamine, comes in the same say. They are mislabeled
and stored. The monkeys are dosed with the methamphetamine instead of
the MDMA. Even if someone does a daily inventory of the safe, it appears
the correct amounts of both drugs are there.
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