Report of Ecstasy Drug's Great Risks Is Retracted

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Mon Sep 8 13:46:03 EST 2003

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>On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 12:42:51 -0400, "rfgdxm/Robert F. Golaszewski"
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>>   Consider the following possibility. A shipment of 200 mg of MDMA, and
>>200 mg of methamphetamine, comes in the same say. They are mislabeled
>>and stored.
>How could they have been mislabeled?  The bottles containing the drugs
>already had labels on them when they left the manufacturer. It would
>be an offence to supply them otherwise - would it not?

      Absolutely.   The bottles would have been labled at the
manufacturer.  None of this stuff moves without a label and all sorts
of paperwork,  particularly a class-1 drug like ecstasy.

     E.g., someone at the manufacturer would have had to fill a
mislabled bottle of _both_ products separately.   The chances of this
are small.   The only other possibility is that the bottles were
filled before the labels were attached and the labels were attached
(and interchanged) at the same time.   Otherwise,  the interchange
happened at the laboratory level.

>The only mystery is how one mislabels a controlled substance - unless
>one does so deliberately.  There are major safeguards at the
>manufacturing site to prevent mislabelling - there would have to be,
>otherwise they'd not be given a contract to make these drugs.

We can probably safely assume that the confusion happened at the lab,
not the manufacturer.   Too many coincidetal things would have had to
happen for it to be the manufacturer.

Dr P

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