Katrina Warren, Australian Babe, Naked on Animal Planet

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Tue Sep 9 02:44:38 EST 2003

"Charlie Wilkes" <charlie_wilkes at easynews.com> wrote in message
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> Her show is going to be on tomorrow night at 8 p.m.
> She is HOT.
> http://animal.discovery.com/features/kyap/kyap.html
> She also seems very smart, ................
............only to you.

> Anyway, at the end of tomorrow njght's episode, she disrobes and
> suckles a baby koala bear.  It's a big surprise designed to boost the
> ratings and Discovery Channel lawyers believe it will pass as
> "National Geographic" style nudity -- i.e., suitable for family
> entertainment.  I heard about it from someone whose brother-in-law
> caters lunch for the show.
he just told you that because he knows you never watch it, otherwise you
would know they are not called koala bears - and they have inch-long claws
and teeth to chew through tree branches. Believe me it wouldn't be pretty.

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