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"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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| The problem is 'difficult' only because it
| is big - not because there's 'exotic mystery'
| in there.
| Its bigness stems from the fact that it's
| fractal-like - as one peers into it, one soon
| becomes aware that it goes on forever -
| literally[,] be-cause, at the level of the ionic
| conductances, the dynamics are infinitely-
| divisible.

It's all so 'interesting'.

I didn't intend to imply "endorsement" of
an explicitly-"fractal'-based approach.

I invoked "fractals" =only= to tap into
the 'familiarity' folks've accumulated with
respect to their possible 'playing-with'
any of the myriad computer implementations
of the "Mandelbrot" [Julia, etc.] Set[s], in the
hope that the notion of "peering-into" the
depths of an ordered set that allows such
would be sensical.

Other than the footnote in AoK that discusses
fractal-like storage economies [with respect
to the TD E/I-minimization calculations that
occur within the cerebellum [Ap5}, NDT
doesn't invoke "fractals".

What's incorporated in NDT is as it's briefly
discussed in AoK, Ap6: "Information Calculus",
which exhibits analogous infinite 'depth', but
does so while both maintaining information-
content addressing and direct incorporation
of the neural Topology.

There are g'zillions of ways to 'address' at
infinite depth, but, as far as I know, there's
only the one way to maintain information-
content while 'addressing'.

Big Difference.

TD E/I-minimization within "the special
topological homeomorphism of [...] nervous
systems" is inherently anti-chaotic, be-cause,
as I've discussed many times in prior posts,
what nervous systems do is direct the mani-
festation of work, both within themselves
[information-processing work] and via their
host organisms ["work-work" :-], that has the
single purpose of 'climbing' the energy gradient
that is what's =described= by 2nd Thermo
[WDB2T]. That is, while WDB2T is inherently
an augmentation of dis-order, the functioning of
organically-intact nervous systems does
'just' the inverse over the long term - determin-
istically [this determinism being the
one thing that nervous system function and
"deterministic chaos" have in-common].

The other thing that popped-up in my 'heart'
to say is that I understand that my 'intelligence'
must appear a bit 'freaky' to a lot of folks, but
that's only be-cause no one will meet with-me,

What might appear, to some, to be 'freaky' is
just the product of devoted effort during which
I've had to 'put off gratification' with respect to
most of the stuff that folks consider to constitute
'life'. I did it be-cause the work Needed to be
accomplished - for the Children - for the Future
of Humanity.

I'm happy to say that I've not forgotten my 'self',
and there remains, underneath it all, a fairly-
decent, rather ordinary' guy, who has this Love-
affair with Truth.

I long to be met on that 'level'.


Who knows? :-]

But, you see, I can't even begin to discuss the
"state of the art" of NDT until folks gain some
"conversational" 'familiarity' with NDT's funda-


It's clear that there's a 'bridge' that needs to be
'grown', and that 'bridge' only 'grows' within the
'garden' of interaction.

As thingss've unfolded, I've been "the sound of
one hand clapping", no?

It's why I got into the possibility of perceptions of

I don't bite :-]

I've no respect for the 'refusal' to do Science,
however, and because I Honor Truth, I 'wear
that on my sleeves', plainly.

The folks who are ready to get NDT will not
be 'put-off' by such because it's only Truth, and
they aren't 'afraid' of Truth.

>From the bleachers: "You're doing what leads
folks to perceive you as freaky, Ken."

I understand.

All I can say is that the folks who I'm looking
for will explain it all to 'you' - after the 'bridge
grows' in the 'garden' of our interaction.

There's much Work that Needs to be

Who will 'roll-up-their-sleeves', a bit?

Or will I be 'alone' forever, oozing Joy that
will not be Shared for lack of one 'bridge'
left un-'grown'?

I'll 'lighten-up' in a bit - want to talk about the
'plumbing' in my trailer - for three weeks, I
caught a glimpse into the way things used
to be - had to carry water in from a fawcet
outside in order to flush my toilet.

Which yielded "Collins' First Law of Home
Buying": Always flush twice before you sign :-]

Then there's the way-high 'grass' - mowed it,
now there's hardly anything left - I run my mower
to cut a dozen, or so, weeds, and what it mostly
does is kick up a sand storm :-]

But it wasn't all a 'downer'. A former owner left
some plywood "Mickey Mouse" cutouts. I put
them out in the 'dust-bowl', and they always give
me a smile.

Got an endless supply of "trailer stories".

"fractal-like" :-]

Cheers, ken [k. p. collins]

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