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| IF you desire interaction with others so much,
| why, when anyone tries to engage you in
| discussion, do you refute their thoughts
| and adopt a totally defensive stand and
| then refuse to continue talking?  I've
| looked through the last few threads and
| on at least two occasions someone has
| posted what seem like reasonable,
| friendly comments on your posts i.e.
| entering into discussion as you so
| desperately want.  However, in both
| instances your very next post simply
| rebuts their posts and puts an end to the
| discussion, quote '..should go our seperate
| ways' and '..I stand on what I've posted, bye'.
| Therefore why ask for a critical appraisal of
| what you say when you simply don't
| answer any questions or discuss points
| of contention?

If you look over the long term, you'll find
that it's just not been as you say.

My resources are meager. I can't
reiterate everything in every msg I post.

But, if you look over the long term, you'll
see that I do engage when it's the case
that there's something new to say, or, typ-
ically briefly, when I see that a person's
post reflects understanding of this or that
of NDT [I do this last thing to Thank and Honor
the person for the information-processing Work
entailed, and to Celebrate! a bit.]

But, consider my position. I'm 'alone' in the
Responsibility with respect to the Survival of
NDT's understanding. "Je suise le Sentinelle."

I've no 'right' to take-comfort in social niceties
until the Survival of NDT's understanding be-
comes Assured.

If it makes any difference, the 'role' is distasteful
to me, and, in each instance, I can feel part of me

It's just that I've got to put First-things First, 'cause
it's fallen to me to do so.

The other 'side' of it is, there's a =lot= of 'back-
ground' dynamics going on. The closer NDT
comes to 'breaking-through', the more these
'background dynamics' increase in their 'wild-
ness'. I take action to 'keep the ball on the
playing field' [the necessity of which is even
more distasteful, but it's there, and must be
taken-care-of, so I do.

I've Erred from 'time' to 'time', but I've tried to
Correct such Errors when they become clear
to me.

What it comes down to is meager resources
confronted with non-meager Responsibility.

The other-other-thing is that I always 'weigh'
a thing posted to me in accord with the degree
to which it reflects 'time' spent with AoK. AoK is
full of newness. There's enough in-it to be
Challenged. In all the years I've been online,
there's been only one post that addresses the
information-content of AoK directly. It was by
a guy who wanted to know where NDT's glial
hypothesis is located in the doc.

So, you might try inverting your Q, and looking
at it from my perspective [remembering that
I've been dangling on the edge of Survival while
trying to not-Fail my Responsibility to NDT's

The way it 'feels' to me is like what an Infantry-
man in a foxhole in the middle of a firefight feels
when he knows that, because of circumstances,
it's fallen to him to do the Hard thing that Needs
to be done.

Does he 'save his butt', or does he do what needs
to be done?

I do what I do despite the fact that 'in real Life',
I'm a fairly-decent guy, who Chooses to do
otherwise when doing so bears no Consequences
that I've no 'right' to forsake.

All this, and I see what NDT's understanding allows
me to see, but which remains 'invisible' to folks
who do not, yet, comprehend NDT.

That's about it.

If I 'hit the lottery', I could do more than, given my
personal circumstances, I'm able to do - which is
address NDT's stuff Directly, and work to do
what needs to be done in Tapered Harmony.

Oh yeah - there's one more thing - I don't want
anyone to 'accept' NDT 'because they think I'm
swell'. That'd be a usurping of their Free Wills.

All I'm working to do is to Assure the Survival
of the understanding.

Each person can, then, find what's in-it for them.

It's not Acceptable that lead folks to 'accept'
NDT by 'sucking-up'. [It's not a political campaign -
it's not a 'popularity contest'. It's not a 'money-making'
scheme. As I see it, it's all that underpins the Survival
of Humanity. So, I do not Transgress Free Will by
saying stuff just to 'sneak' NDT's stuff by folks. What
good would such accomplish? None. So I refrain
from such, typically, Erring on the 'side' where the
Consequences fall solely to me. I'm not a 'masochist.
This's the way I Love. Grab TSEOTS, and do what
Needs to be Done.]

It's just a one-'time'-in-History thing that's fallen to me
to Do.

As meager as my resources are, I dare not Fail.

For myself, I see Goodness, not in myself, but in
my personal circumstances [even as I 'moan and
groan' under their burden] - because NDT's under-
standing is too-Precious to submit one Responsible
for it to the test of personal 'ease' - what would I have
done with the understanding, if I were tempted to
exercise 'Wealth'? I'd've probably at least built a
machine that can Think - but, then, where would
that've left the Communication of NDT's understanding?
Where would that've left the Survival of Humanity?

I like to Believe a Wisdom outside of me gave me
my personal circumstances [knowing that, otherwise,
I'd just 'play' :-]

Anyway, I'm 'hardened' to the task, as above.

Is this sufficient?

ken [k. p. collins]

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