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| | | What's incorporated in NDT is as it's briefly
| | | discussed in AoK, Ap6: "Information Calculus",
| | | which exhibits analogous infinite 'depth', but
| | | does so while both maintaining information-
| | | content addressing and direct incorporation
| | | of the neural Topology.
| | | [...]
| |
| | Again, information-content addressing is
| | automatically maintained via the rigorous
| | mapping of "the special topological
| | homeomorphism of [...] nervous systems"
| | [AoK, "Short Paper", and the rest] with
| | respect to external-experiential energy-
| | dynamics.
| In other words, the "special topological
| homeomorphism" is a Fundamental
| mathematical entity.
| From the perspective of what's 'familiar'
| to me, it's =the= Fundamental Mathematical
| entity - the 'lens' through which all Maths is
| seen and done, through which Maths is
| Possible - viewing Maths as 'information-
| content addressing'.
| Maths as it's existed comprises selective
| alternative 'special topological homeo-
| morphisms' that map highly-selective
| energy-flow considerations - the infinite
| ways of doing the one thing that the
| special topological homeomorphism
| of nervous systems does automatically.

That is, Maths as it's existed is comprised
of alternative =partial= 'special topological
homeomorphisms' - compound 'special
topological homeomorphisms, by virtue of
the fact that it's constructed upon [within]
the special topological homeomorphism
of nervous systems.

Typically, these partial [compound] things
are inefficient. an obvious example being
the Maths of Ptolemaic Astronomy, with
its 'epicycles'.

"No problem."

Just achieve further TD E/I-minimization
[Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton,
Einstein] and the Maths will converge.

A basic Problem with respect to such
Maths convergence, though, has been
nervous systems' tendency toward
'choosing' to 'move away from' "rendering
useless" [AoK, Ap8] rather than 'moving
toward' further convergence - so, folks
'stop looking' ["passive->active", "informa-
"development vs. use", "phase shift", AoK,
Ap7]. You know, this of that becomes generally-
'familiar' [groupwise TD E/I-minimized], and
folks use it instead of seeking something
further and better - so progress stagnates
as the long-familiar stuff is invoked. This
has nothing to do with the Maths that's
invoked, and everything to do with the
underpinning neural dynamics which op-
erate in the absence of the stuff that's
reified in NDT.

Innately, nervous systems do Maths
creatively [literally]. It's learned 'social
sanction' that 'turns-of' such creatitivity, and
further Maths convergence - until the bruden
of evidence accumulates to the degree that
the balance swings back with respect to
the need to develop a better way. It's a
periodically-converging, experientially-de-
fined 'equilibrium'.

Most of why NDT's position is 'difficult' is
because NDT replaces all of the 'blind'-
automation that's traditionally held-sway,
even within Maths, enabling direct mapping
[and seeing] of the energy-flow that's 'normally'
mapped in round-about ways [smiling as I
write this because I understand that it's still
the case that most folks see NDT's position
as "the round-about way" :-]

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify my prior state-
ment with respect to the alternative [partial,
compound] 'special topological homeomorph-
isms of traditional Maths.

ken [k. p. collins]

| This stuff is what I was referring to in AoK,
| Ap6, when I stated that ~"all other Mathematics
| can be done via Information Calculus".
| Anyway, the special topological homeomorphism
| is a Fundamental Maths entity - like a triangle,
| circle, square, etc., only more-Fundamental.
| It's Topology maps all Possible Maths [all
| Maths that can be done by Humans - which
| is superficially no 'big-deal' because it's
| equivalent to saying, "Nervous systems do
| Maths." To which one might respons, "Duh?"
| The Big-Deal is that the special topological
| homeomorphism rigorously-maps how and
| why nervous systems do Maths. It's that
| Fundamental a Maths entity.].
| k. p. collins ['Cringing' as I'm about to post this because
| I understand that it's one of those things that
| 'invite castigation'.
| I mean no offense.
| I mean 'just'-the-opposite stuff.]
| | [...]

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