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In this post, I'll pursue the depths of the
prior discussion, "fractal-like", a bit.

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| | IF you desire interaction with others so much,
| | why, when anyone tries to engage you in
| | discussion, do you refute their thoughts
| | and adopt a totally defensive stand and
| | then refuse to continue talking?  I've
| | looked through the last few threads and
| | on at least two occasions someone has
| | posted what seem like reasonable,
| | friendly comments on your posts i.e.
| | entering into discussion as you so
| | desperately want.  However, in both
| | instances your very next post simply
| | rebuts their posts and puts an end to the
| | discussion, quote '..should go our seperate
| | ways' and '..I stand on what I've posted, bye'.
| | Therefore why ask for a critical appraisal of
| | what you say when you simply don't
| | answer any questions or discuss points
| | of contention?
| If you look over the long term, you'll find
| that it's just not been as you say.
| My resources are meager. I can't
| reiterate everything in every msg I post.

Again, @ $110/week [recently stated
too-low @ "100/weel" - Sorry], I'm hard-
pressed to do anything beyond 'surviving'.

Yet, I'm here, my telephone-line rental and
ISP charges for this month consuming ~1/8
of my earnings. 'measure' things that way.

FWIW, I've tried, for years, to find empolyment
in data processing - unsuccessfully.

| But, if you look over the long term, you'll
| see that I do engage when it's the case
| that there's something new to say, or, typ-
| ically briefly, when I see that a person's
| post reflects understanding of this or that
| of NDT [I do this last thing to Thank and Honor
| the person for the information-processing Work
| entailed, and to Celebrate! a bit.]
| But, consider my position. I'm 'alone' in the
| Responsibility with respect to the Survival of
| NDT's understanding. "Je suis[...] le Sentinelle."
| I've no 'right' to take-comfort in social niceties
| until the Survival of NDT's understanding be-
| comes Assured.
| If it makes any difference, the 'role' is distasteful
| to me, and, in each instance, I can feel part of me
| 'dying'.
| It's just that I've got to put First-things First, 'cause
| it's fallen to me to do so.
| The other 'side' of it is, there's a =lot= of 'back-
| ground' dynamics going on. The closer NDT
| comes to 'breaking-through', the more these
| 'background dynamics' increase in their 'wild-
| ness'. I take action to 'keep the ball on the
| playing field' [the necessity of which is even
| more distasteful, but it's there, and must be
| taken-care-of, so I do.

For example, over the years, there've been a
lot of detailed-'level' 'tests' put to me - a recent
example being David's "nalaxone"/opiate thing.

When this sort of thing comes up, to adequately
deal with it, I'd have to 'drop' everything else and
go off studying the particulars of the 'test'. But, if I
did that, it'd soon become the case that I'd be get-
ting 'swamped' with such 'tests' because that'd be
an easy way to 'bog me down'.

But isn't the way I responded to David's 'test' a


My position with respect to =all= neuropharmaco-
logical factors is stated succinctly in AoK, Ap9 -
"functional multiplexing", which implements the
"special topological homeomorphism of [...]
nervous systems.

So, from NDT's perspective, it doesn't matter
what neuropharmocological substance is the
subject of a 'test'.

Note well, this is =not= to say that this or that
neuropharmological consideration is 'not import-
ant' - each is. It is only to say that each neuro-
pharmacological substance is 'subserviant' to
the overriding needs of integration within the
special topological homeomorphism.

All of this took years to work out back in the
1970s. Everyone 'discounts' NDT's breakthrough
synthesis with respect to this sort of global int-

In the face of such 'discounting' of stuff with re-
spect to I've achieved Certainty, all I can do is
see that I must work, more, to enable folks to
see the more-fundamental stuff.

Decades ago, while I was putting NDT together,
I read 'comprehensively in the Neuroscience
stacks. It was my goal to just do something that
would win an opportunity for me to do more.

As is declared in AoK, Ap10, NDT as it was
presented in AoK is only "a beginning in a
promising direction". It was my expectation
that when folks considered AoK's synthesis of
their findings, I'd win the opportunity to do more,
at which 'time', I'd then survey the Neuroscience
stacks, comprehensively, once again, and extend
AoK into its fullness as a Neuroscience textbook.

But, instead of that, the course of events was
that I've had to 'teach' a basic course in integrative
Neuroscience - folks' 'times' in grad school had
left them without the stuff that's necessary for the
comprehension of NDT's synthesis.

So, 'groaning' under the burden of it, and in the
midst of my 'dashed' hope of winning an opportunity
to just continue developing NDT, I became this
'despised' upstart 'teacher' of things Fundamental
to Neuroscience but which had been ignored by

To hold myself together while doing this teaching,
I returned to reading in Physics, and turned my
developmental efforts to Tapered Harmony. This
gave me a 'fortress' into which to 'retreat' from
 all of the 'nastiness' with which I had to deal as a
result of my =having to= ask folks in Neuroscience
to deal with the stuff that their graduate-school
training had left them without. And things were
'pretty' Nasty. I'd come online each day only to be
beaten to a pulp by folks who 'took-offense' at the
stuff I =had to= post.

But the dynamics that would unfold had already
been Reified in NDT, so, forarmed with NDT's
understanding, I just resolved to 'take it on the
chin', and continue doing what needed to be done.

But nothing in what I had to do required any further
reading of me. Everything I had to do was at a 'level'
lower than the stuff of the contemporaneous Literature.

So, since I've got to do it at some future 'time', anyway,
why expend of my small resources reading in the
Neuroscience stacks? The interim effort would've
been largely Waste, no?


It'd've made no difference with respect to the Funda-
mental considerations that I had to get across to folks.

So, other than the relatively-few instances of trips to
the Library that I've discussed online, I havent been
reading in Neuroscience since 1988.

I'll do that reading in the future.

So this or that 'test' that's come up - like the
recent one - has been 'superfluous' to me.

I've refrained, but if anyone wants examples,
I can show that NDT can quickly extend any
published experimental results well beyond the
'level' at which they are left in their publications.

The principles that are Unified in NDT can be
invoked to use any replicable experimental design
to predict results beyond the 'level' of the paper in
which they are reported.

I'm not just saying this now. I've been making the
same claim all along.

Anyway, I'm 'hardened' to the need to establish
the Fundamental principles that're Reified in NDT.

I focus upon working at their 'level', which is why
I work, online, as I do.

| I've Erred from 'time' to 'time', but I've tried to
| Correct such Errors when they become clear
| to me.
| What it comes down to is meager resources
| confronted with non-meager Responsibility.
| The other-other-thing is that I always 'weigh'
| a thing posted to me in accord with the degree
| to which it reflects 'time' spent with AoK. AoK is
| full of newness. There's enough in-it to be
| Challenged. In all the years I've been online,
| there's been only one post that addresses the
| information-content of AoK directly. It was by
| a guy who wanted to know where NDT's glial
| hypothesis is located in the doc.

Consider the difficulty of continuing to work to
communicate NDT's Fundamental stuff in the
face of such. It's Hard. It's been easy to discern
that NDT's understanding has become the lead-
ing thing in Neuroscience - that folks've been
following its lead in their Experimental Work.

What's Hard is seeing such - folks using NDT's
stuff to further their Professional Careers, while
I'm left struggling to Survive.

There's a shadowy-Injustice inherent that 'fairly'
slices and dices the Spirit as it discerns the
revulsive 'underbelly' of the "publish or perish"

| So, you might try inverting your Q, and looking
| at it from my perspective [remembering that
| I've been dangling on the edge of Survival while
| trying to not-Fail my Responsibility to NDT's
| understanding].
| The way it 'feels' to me is like what an Infantry-
| man in a foxhole in the middle of a firefight feels
| when he knows that, because of circumstances,
| it's fallen to him to do the Hard thing that Needs
| to be done.
| Does he 'save his butt', or does he do what needs
| to be done?

He does what needs to be done, while Hoping
and Believing that he will also 'save his butt'.

In that order.

| I do what I do despite the fact that 'in real Life',
| I'm a fairly-decent guy, who Chooses to do
| otherwise when doing so bears no Consequences
| that I've no 'right' to forsake.
| All this, and I see what NDT's understanding allows
| me to see, but which remains 'invisible' to folks
| who do not, yet, comprehend NDT.
| That's about it.
| If I 'hit the lottery', I could do more than, given my
| personal circumstances, I'm able to do - which is
| address NDT's stuff Directly, and work to do
| what needs to be done in Tapered Harmony.
| Oh yeah - there's one more thing - I don't want
| anyone to 'accept' NDT 'because they think I'm
| swell'. That'd be a usurping of their Free Wills.
| All I'm working to do is to Assure the Survival
| of the understanding.
| Each person can, then, find what's in-it for them.
| It's not Acceptable that [I] lead folks to 'accept'
| NDT by 'sucking-up'. [It's not a political campaign -
| it's not a 'popularity contest'. It's not a 'money-making'
| scheme. As I see it, it's all that underpins the Survival
| of Humanity. So, I do not Transgress Free Will by
| saying stuff just to 'sneak' NDT's stuff by folks. What
| good would such accomplish? None. So I refrain
| from such, typically, Erring on the 'side' where the
| Consequences fall solely to me. I'm not a 'masochist.
| This's the way I Love. Grab TSEOTS, and do what
| Needs to be Done.]
| It's just a one-'time'-in-History thing that's fallen to me
| to Do.
| As meager as my resources are, I dare not Fail.
| For myself, I see Goodness, not in myself, but in
| my personal circumstances [even as I 'moan and
| groan' under their burden] - because NDT's under-
| standing is too-Precious to submit one Responsible
| for it to the test of personal 'ease' - what would I have
| done with the understanding, if I were tempted to
| exercise 'Wealth'? I'd've probably at least built a
| machine that can Think - but, then, where would
| that've left the Communication of NDT's understanding?
| Where would that've left the Survival of Humanity?

It's 'funny'. I have agonized over the possibility that,
if I took the side-trip of manufacturing the machine,
when they saw it, folks'd, then, do the work inherent
in comprehending NDT's principles. But the de-
cision always came down to the fact that, if I became
a Manufacturer, all of my energy would, then, be
diverted into the demands of doing 'Business', the
result being that the applications of NDT's principles
with respect to the Survival of Humanity would've
gone largely forsaken [probably to the extent of
never having been developed - because they'd've
been anathema in Board Meetings]. Then, with
Certainty, there'd be that group of folks who see only
dollar-signs, whose main effect would've been to
shunt the whole thing off into Lawyer-Land.

So, all things considered, I've continued to use
NDT's Computer Science perspective as a means
to further the development of NDT, as it has been
all along. I've discussed b its and pieces of it online
from 'time' to 'time', the main result being that I've
seen most of what I've discussed online implemented
by others.

Which is Sorrowfull, but Humorous.

Why don't the folks who so-obviously want to
develop a machine that can Think just allow me to
work for them?

My well-known Refusal to hide the understranding
from general Communication?

That's 'pretty'-much what it comes down to.

"He's a blabber-mouth who will not hold priveledged
information in secret."

Nope, to the degree that the information impacts
the Survival of Humanity, I won't/

Then, from 'time' to 'time', there's been my Witnes-
sing folks' Realizing that, through their Subservience
to 'money', they've been Actively undermining the
Survival of Humanity - that is, through their Choices
War, and all of its Destructiveness have befallen


Then I see 'doors' slamming-shut all over the place,
as, one after another, this group or that undergoes
such realization.

I look out and see many who'd like to see NDT's
understanding come forward, but who remain
'paralyzed' in their 'fear' that their former greed-
driven 'decisions' will be revisited upon them.

Which is Sorrowfully-'hilarious' be-cause, since
the larger set of things is an energydynamic, absent
proaction with respect to it, it happens anyway -
2001-09-11', sucking of the Life out of Economies
around the world, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan,
Kosovo, Quwait, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Pakistan
and India, Palestine and Israel, etc.

The revisitation of former greed-driven 'decisions'.

It's all the one energynynamic, with respect to
which Truth 'moved away from' is Truth that still Acts,
but Negatively, to fill the void where Truth 'moved
toward' would, but for folks' Choices, exist.

What's 'funny' about it is the way that folks 'think'
their Choices are 'invisible' - that =anything= can
be 'held in secret'.

It's in-Truth that nothing can be 'held in-secret' be-
cause Truth is an energydynamic, and as soon as
folks start 'dancing-around' to 'cover-up' this or that,
the energydynamics inherent in the 'dancing-around'
'just' point-right-to, in negative-image, the stuff that's
supposed to be 'secret'.

The thing to do with Truth is to 'move toward' it, be-
cause there's no way around the Consequences
inherent in it, anyway.

Think about a world like that - folks understanding
that Truth Honored, Honors right back, and Living
in the accordant way.

The Sorrowful thing is, however, that there're folks
who're so filled with 'self-importance' that their
correlated 'paralysis' derives in the fact that they can
'think' no thought in which I've nothing better to do
than 'expose' them.

To them I say, 'you' are nothing upon which I'd
consider expending any energy - accept in lifting you
up in Truth - same as with everyone else.

It's 'time' that 'you' Learn to hold other than just
your 'selves' in your 'hearts'.

| I like to Believe a Wisdom outside of me gave me
| my personal circumstances [knowing that, otherwise,
| I'd just 'play' :-]

If anyone 'wonders', if the call comes, I'll invest it
in the doing of what remains to be done - after
taxes, it'd be subsistence for the remainder of Life.


| Anyway, I'm 'hardened' to the task, as above.
| Is this sufficient?
| ken [k. p. collins]

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