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| In this post, I'll pursue the depths of the
| prior discussion, "fractal-like", a bit.
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| 2001-09-11', sucking of the Life out of Economies
| around the world, North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan,
| Kosovo, Quwait, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Pakistan
| and India, Palestine and Israel, etc.

If NDT's understanding had been Communicated
two decades ago, when it could've been Com-
municated all of the interactive dyunamics that
have underpinned these Treagedies would've
been lifted-up out of their 'caulrens of Hatred', and
each would've, at worst, unfolded significantly less-
destructively, and probably, without populations-
wide upheaval.

Achieving this generalized lifting-up, through the
filling of the void of understanding, is what NDT is
all about.

k. p. collins

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