"Talking to unseen others"

KP_PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net
Tue Sep 16 08:31:08 EST 2003

I had an interesting experience yesterday -
my first encounter with an ear-plugged cellular-
phone user.

My imediate reaction was a bit 'discomfitting'.
I thought the person was 'deranged' :-]

Then I saw the wire, and TD E/I-minimization

A personal instance of the talking-to-unseen-
others-before-the-invention-of-radio example
that's given at the end of AoK's "Short-Paper"

The affective alignment, and it's shifting
[topologically-complex "inversion" [AoK, Ap4]
were quite extraordinary - occurred in no more
than two seconds - compact encapsulation of
the example.

Enjoyed the experience.

And ROFL-ed when I realized that it must
be the case, because of my posting style,
that some folks probably view me in a pre-
"inversion" way relative to the instance of
the dynamics discussed above.

Hey, =I= believe someone's reading, and
considering, the stuff I post :-]

"Yeah, Ken, that's your whole problem."

"Oh well." ;-]


"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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