The Nonlinearity of Perspective - Re-establishment of Classical Determinism

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"Music of the Heavens Turns Out to Sound a Lot Like a B Flat", By

It's clearly a 'classical' =spiral= dynamic.

Three-segments, covering ~~180 degrees
each, are easily distinguished. Each of these
exhibits a trailing-end broadening, and each
is progressively-larger, both with respect to
its inner neighbor in the spiral, and within its
own extent.

Extended beyond the image at the NASA
web site, these tight features would exhibit
analogous repetition and broadening.

If it's music, it's a 'cat-call' sort of 'whistle' -
varying frequency.

If they do the analysis, they'll find the NL-P
in-there :-]

[BTW, I discussed it in long-former posts,
but TH's view is that it's not a 'black hole',
but a 3-D energydynamic in which 'matter'
goes along for the ride on WDB2T's
one-way energy-flow differential. Energy
sustaining SSW<->UES harmonics is
more 'pressurized' than is energy exit-
ing the harmonics, so 'matter'-phase
energy moves in the direction of this
UES-'pressure' differential, ultimately
undergoing the 'matter'->energy phase
transition in the inner-most regions of the
spiral be-cause ephemerance [freedom
to move] becomes extremely-restricted,
and exiting via the jets perpendicular
to the axis of the spiral, where, after gaining
ephemerance, undergoing the energy->'mat-
ter' phase transition [the increased ephemer-
ance allows "encapsulation" [SSW<->UES
harmonics formation - at extremely-re-
stricted ephemerance, encapsulation
breaks-down be-cause all of the energy
tends to be moving in the same direction
so the necessary 'spherical' symmetry
'evaporates' - the energy escapes the
SSW<->UES harmonics that were
'trapping' it. TH holds that all of these
encapsulation-breaking energydynamics
also exhibit the NL-P - which is Testable
via spectral analyses [pretty-hard spect-
ral analysis, because everything's crammed
together just before encapsulation breaks-
down. The NL-P stuff is also Testable in the
macroscopic Geometry.

Such spirals occur ubiquitously in the cosmos
be-cause of the fact of the WDB2T energy-flow
differential that is what's been referred to as
"gravity" - it's 'exactly'-analogous to water
going down a drain, only the flow is =emersed=
within the 3-D UES extreme fluid. [Water spirals
clockwise in the northern hemisphere and
counter-clockwise in the southern for Exactly
the same reason that cosmological spirals
spiral - going along for the ride within the
WDB2T energy-flow differential - Earth is a 'big'
NL-P thing through which the UES passes, which
is detectable in the geomagnetic field's energy-
dynamics - so is Sun, so is everything else, at
all scales, within physical reality, including the
Universe as a whole [which is whence comes
the accelleration of universal expansion that
was detected 5-6 years ago]. As scale
increases the 'eccentricity' of the NL-P
decreases. It 'relaxes' because, as scale
increases, ephemerance increases. SSW<->UES
harmonics ['atoms'] exhibit this same energy-
dynamic across the scales of their nucleation->
shelling 'compressions' - so does everything else
within physical reality, including the Universe
as a whole [which is directly-viewable in the
expansion-acceleration data].]]

ken [k. p. collins]

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