The Nonlinearity of Perspective - Re-establishment of Classical Determinism

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| In physical systems, stuff like "inertia" [the
| need to apply a 'force' to an 'object' to alter
| the 'object's direction of motion is 'just' the
| NL-P having to be physically dealt with. That
| is, the direction-changing 'force' is 'just' the
| highly-'compressed' 'end' of an NL-P energy-
| dynamic.
| [...]

"Yeah, sure. 'All forces are nonlinear'."

Yup, all forces are nonlinear.

Be-cause all 'matter' is comprised of
'encapsulated' SSW<->UES harmonics,
and, everything within physical reality, 'matter'
or not, goes along for the ride upon WDB2T,
which itself is nonlinear [giving macroscopic
nonlinear SSW behavior such as that which I
discussed in the 'black hole' sub-post [part of
a post] yesterday.

Once one sees such, one cannot look at
anything without just-seeing-it.

It's in the heliotrophy of every plant. [Check
it out: "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." -
like the one leaning threateningly over my trailer,
and every morning glory's periodic blooming :-]

And, as reiterated in the preceding post, it's
in every possible behavior manifested by
any nervous system's host organism - even
in the 'nuts and bolts' of learning.

"The Nonlinear Universe".


ken [k. p. collins]

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