The Nonlinearity of Perspective - Re-establishment of Classical Determinism

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| | In physical systems, stuff like "inertia" [the
| | need to apply a 'force' to an 'object' to alter
| | the 'object's direction of motion is 'just' the
| | NL-P having to be physically dealt with. That
| | is, the direction-changing 'force' is 'just' the
| | highly-'compressed' 'end' of an NL-P energy-
| | dynamic.
| | [...]
| "Yeah, sure. 'All forces are nonlinear'."
| Yup, all forces are nonlinear.
| Be-cause all 'matter' is comprised of
| 'encapsulated' SSW<->UES harmonics,
| and, everything within physical reality, 'matter'
| or not, goes along for the ride upon WDB2T,
| which itself is nonlinear [giving macroscopic
| nonlinear SSW behavior such as that which I
| discussed in the 'black hole' sub-post [part of
| a post] yesterday.
| Once one sees such, one cannot look at
| anything without just-seeing-it.

=A= Proof that all forces are nonlinear has
beein in Special Relativity all along.

It is that, as an object is accelerated toward 'c',
what's been referred to as its "mass" heads
toward infinity. The 'force' underpinning such
acceleration can be 'broken-down' ad infinitum
via simple vector addition. When this's done,
there's no 'funny-business' required, which
means that no matter how small the 'force', it's


In the usual 'typical' conditions [velocities much
less than 'c' and sizes greater than an 'atom' [an
SSW<->UES harmonic], it's not necessary
to deal with the Nonlinearity because it's so small
that it's 'negligible'.

Tapered Harmony reduces the Universal Nonlinearity
to the underpinning energydynamics as follows.

All 'matter' is comprised of spherical standing
waves [SSWs] 'encapsulated' within harmonic
interaction with a surrounding Universal Energy
Supply [UES].

When an object approaches 'c', is becomes in-
creasingly-easy for energy to move in any dir-
ection =other= than in the direction of the accel-
eration, and energy does exactly that in order
to maximize its ephemerance [its freedom to

It's the same energydynamic that I discussed
with respect to so-called 'black holes' in another
recent post - a break-down of SSW's 'encapsul-
ation' dynamics.

It's not actually an "increase in mass", but an
energydynamic in which, as objects are accel-
erated, 'encapsulation' becomes assymetrical
be-cause of the interaction of the SSW<->UES
harmonics with the UES, which is 'forced' to be-
come more-'pressurized' in the direction of the
acceleration, which forced-UES-'pressuration'
is relative 'encapsulation' break-down, which
occurs rigorously with respect to the one-way
flow of energy from order to disorder that is
what's =described= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

In accord with WDB2T, as an object is accelerated,
increasing quantities of the energy empowering the
acceleration 'pay the WDB2T cost', as they escape
the 'encapsulation' dynamics as local UES-'pressure'
augments, and in rigorous accord with WDB2T,
as the acceleration continues, more and more of the
applied energy escapes the SSW<->UES harmonics,
going in any direction other than the direction of the

These energydynamics are what physically underpins
what's been referred to as "inertia".

The Proof is, once again, simple.

If it were otherwise, then whatever underpinned that
'exception' condition would be oblivious to WDB2T.

All available evidence substantiates that there is
nothing within physical reality that is 'oblivious' to

So, within the realm of all available physical evidence,

So you see? The SSW<->UES harmonics are =not=
just an exercise. They are the Solution to all of the
underpinning energydynamics that've been described
in both Relativities.

They are the 'doorway' to the underpinning =Whys= :-]

Tapered Harmony goes on and on like this, integrating
all physical evidence of which I'm aware - Unifying it
tightly, and explaining Why it is as it is, all in a way
that reduces directly to one thing: the energy-flow that
is WDB2T.

I ask that the simple Proofs, above [there are a g'zillion
more, most just as straightforward], be Refuted by the
community of Physicists, or that Tapered Harmony's
position be Communicated.

K. P. Collins

| It's in the heliotrophy of every plant. [Check
| it out: "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree." -
| like the one leaning threateningly over my trailer,
| and every morning glory's periodic blooming :-]
| And, as reiterated in the preceding post, it's
| in every possible behavior manifested by
| any nervous system's host organism - even
| in the 'nuts and bolts' of learning.
| "The Nonlinear Universe".
| 'ting-a-bell'?
| ken [k. p. collins]

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