The Nonlinearity of Perspective - Re-establishment of Classical Determinism

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| | [The NL-P is] in the heliotrophy of every plant. [...]
| Every tree, for instance, is literally an abstract
| 'image' of the NL-P.
| It's in the trunk->least-twig hierarchy, which is,
| literally an 'image' of WDB2T.
| [Trees grow in a way that tends to minimize
| waste to WDB2T.

So does everything that has Life - in relative
proportion to evolutionary sophistocation.

The same-stuff is easily-observed through-
out the realm of nervous system function.

I discussed this stuff in long-prior posts,
correlating long-'familiar' stuff [old 'learning']
as 'trunk'-stuff, and so on, 'branch'-sections,
'twig'-sections, to 'leave'-sections, with, at
each 'level', there being "behavioral inertia"
having "biological mass" [AoK, Ap5] that
derives, rigorously, in the degrees to which,
through repetitive TD E/I-minimization, cor-
related "microscopic trophic modifications"
["microm-mods", AoK, Ap5], occurs within
the "supersystem" ["global system; system
of systems].

This stuff not only areflects the 'climbing' of
the WDB2T energy-gradient, it also consti-
tutes a 'picture' of how and why "behavioral
inertia" and the strong tendency to resist
"rendering useless" [AoK, Ap7 & 8] exist
within the energydynamics that occur within
the neural Topology.

| See this in the correlation
| of their load-bearing and the layout of the
| trunk->least-twig hierarchy. It's easily seen
| to be nonlinear - there's more wood in the trunk
| than there is in all the twigs taken together. [I
| know this seems pretty mundane, but that's
| because the NL-P is ubiquitous within physical
| reality, so TD E/I-minimization with respect to
| this always-there-ness configures it out of
| awareness. It's "hiding in plain sight" no matter
| where one looks.]
| [...]

Doing the work to 'See' all of this stuff that,
be-cause of it's ubiquity within commonplace
experience, "hides in [the] plain sight" of
'familiarity' is a prerequisite to going on to
a detailed-'level' of comprehension of NDT.

When these 'simple' considerations be-
come 'familiar', one can look at nervous
system energydynamics and literally See
their 'climbing' of the WDB2T energy-
gradient - how they do it, and why they do

So spending 'time' doing information-pro-
cessing Work with respect to these 'simple'
considerations is worth the energy-expend-

They are 'Difficult' to grasp be-cause their
stuff is always really-'old' within the experi-
ential dynamics through which their correl-
ated "biological mass" becomes estab-
lished and maintained within nervous
systems - because of their ubiquity, always
going all the way back to early-Infancy
experience and, thereafter, "hiding in plain

But doing the correlated information-pro-
cessing Work is what enables one to "back
out of the learning cul-de-sac" that underpins
the 'blind' automation that has Ravaged

So, again, it's Worth the Work, not only for
the one who does the Work, but, through
their thereafter-un-'blinded' Living, all of

Anyway, it's, once again, the NL-P in its
fullness. It's everywhere within physical

See it, and See physical reality.

ken [k. p. collins]

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