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| [...]
| Be-Cause there's no way around WDB2T,
| Honoring Truth with respect to =everything=
| is, therefore, the Best-possible 'Rule' for
| one's Living.
| It's 'Humbling' to do it, but Truth Honors you
| right back, regardless.
| Mother Teresa got this straight :-]
| So did Abraham Lincoln.
| So did Martin Luther King.
| So did Albert Einstein.
| "God doesn't play at dice."
| [...]

The take-home message is that, since
there's this no-way-around-it-ness, why
not roll up our sleeves, and rebuild the
Foundations of Human interactive dyn-
amics in ways that Honor Truth inherent?

You know - instead of seeking 'the biggest
stick', and 'swinging it', why not see that
be-cause such only elevates TD E/I within
the nervous systems of folks who are the
'targets' of 'the biggest stick', such action
=only= "sows the seeds of its own wearing
of chains"? [paraphrase Lincoln]

Why not go right to the 'heart' of the matter
with respect to the wellspring of "man's in-
humanity to man"?

Why not work across the full relm of Humanity
to, first, get this First-Thing straight?

You know - why not =begin= Diplomatic efforts
by working at creating mutual understanding
with respect to the way that the stuff to which
one is attracted within one's behavioral dyn-
amic derives in folks' "experiential totals", and
because it's so, if one person experiences
differently from another person, to the degree
of that experiential difference, they will 'want'
things to unfold differently?

Why not 'stop' right there, and get what's in
this simple Truth sorted-out?

Why not come to understand the Tyranny of

Why not come to understand that, just because
this or that is 'unfamiliar', that alone does not
make it 'bad'?

Why not, First, get this First-Thing straight?

The take-home message is that there's no
way around doing this First-Thing, First.

Fail to do it First, and that Failure branches-
out throughout the spectrum of Human inter-
active dynamics.

It's Sorrowfully-'hilarious' - folks 'fearful' of the
Work inherent in doing this one thing subject
themselves to vastly-greater quantities of
Work, interminably - and the Savagery that
ensues, also interminably, besides.

It's what's going on in Afghanistan and Iraq
even as I write this - the forsaking of getting
First-Things, First, and the Difficulties that
spread out of that Failure.

Anyway, this's all the NL-P, 'two'.

[I'm currently under an 86-attempt attack upon
my Inet PC, so if it 'disconnects' me, Take-Home
this take-home message, OK?

K. P. Collins

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