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| So, if anyone wants to contact me,
| it'll have to be in open forum here
| in b.n [which saying is a bit of a
| 'laugher', because it's long been
| apparent to me that, if I actually get
| deep into discussing things, I don't
| actually hook-up with b.n, but a
| clone server. [I've discussed this
| in the past, and did enough poking
| around to Prove that this has period-
| ically been the case.
| [...]


The documentation I've accumulated
does =not= constitute "Proof".

What I have, as I've discussed in the
past is snapshots of b.n that show
that b.n has been out-of-sync now
and then - with particular posts of
mine 'missing'. This =could= be a
botched clone-server swapping.

But it could also just be due to
botched restores.

So, although the documentation I
have does show the curious a-
synchrony, it does not constitute


The malicious attack is Coward's
'work', and Cowardice always
raises the hackels, a bit.

Similar stuff has been going on for
as long as I've been online, and it's
so Stupid - if there's anyone who,
by now, doesn't Know where my
'heart' is with respect to =all=
people, everywhere, they're un-
able to sense Reality.

So why do this malicious stuff?

The other thing is that I'm 'angry' with
myself for even mentioning it publicly.
Knowledge with respect to the way I
'chafe' within my 'confinement' is
probably why they attacked my PC.

And, by discussing the attack publicly
it was probably me who 'acknowledged'
them - by doing the 'induced' thing.

This attack [which was unsophistocated,
which means that it was done by some
Stupid individual, or by a Stupid group
that chose an unsophistocated mechanism
to 'mislead'] was a hate-filled thing.

Anyway, I'm Sorry I 'bothered' folks by
'whining' about it.

Should've just taken it on the chin and
continued using the few Precious days
I have left in this brief online 'life' - e-
specially since I've never gotten any
Real email, anyway :-]

ken [k. p. collins]

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