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| [...]
| | | Folks'd 'rather' Savage one another than do
| | | the work inherent in transcending the Absence
| | | of understanding that through 'innocent' 'blindly'-
| | | automated TD E/I-minimization, has aligned
| | | 'affect' in a way that's 'blindly'-correlated to
| | | mearly-'familiar' experience.
| | |
| | | All of what has been "man's inhumanity to man"
| | | derives in this single, =unnecessary= Tragedy
| | | that derives in the 'ab-sense' of understanding
| | | existing in the stead of understanding.
| | |
| | | The self-inflicted-ness of the 'human' Tragedy
| | | is 'just' that Absurd and Un-Worthy of our
| | | collective Humanness.
| | | [...]

Something that's be worthwhile would be to
give this Absurdity a name that is the same in
all Languages, and connoted the same-stuff
in all Languages - so, even if they cannot get
beyond the confines of their mutually-exclusive
merely-'familiar' stuff, folks could at least have
a word that 'addresses' the 'Difficulty', and which
Communicates universally.

Then, folks could use that word to get a 'toe-hold'
on their interactive 'Difficulty', instead of resorting
to inwardly-spiralling interactive dynamics that
lead to Savagery.

I'd do it, but my coining of words tends to be too-
'playful' [too-'personal'; too-'whimsical'] because,
when I've reason to coin a term, I'm usually in the
midst of discovery, and I always come up with a
term that's 'drenched' with the Joy inherent. To be
fair to myself, I'm always working in uncharted
terrtory, where things were not yet reified - where
there are no words yet in established usage. So
the words I coing are, typically, only place-holders
within developing concepts. [The word I use for
this stuff is, "sheeshmunk" - a nonsense symbol
to reflect the non-sense inherent in its referant-
stuff. It's sufficient within my own needs, but as
above, no?]

The word needs to be deadly-serious, reflecting
the Absurdity of the Savagery that 'values' that
which, through [long-] experience, has merely
become 'familiar' 'greater-than' =Life=.

We need a word that condenses the Shakspearian
tragedies to one 'mouthful' - a word that oozes-
Revulsion while simultaneously giving-Hope at its

Yet it must be 'fitting' to use within =any= Language.

So, are there any Wordsmiths in the NG?


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