Postdoctoral Position in Computational Neuroscience

Dieter Jaeger djaeger at
Sat Sep 20 14:39:46 EST 2003

A funded postdoctoral opening in the area of computational neuroscience
is available in my laboratory at Emory University, Atlanta.  The
research project is aimed at elucidating the operation of the deep
cerebellar nuclei using whole cell recordings in slices and
compartmental modeling.  This work will build on our previous
publications in this area (Gauck and Jaeger, J. Neurosci. 2000; 2003). 
The Neuroscience environment at Emory University is excellent, and
living in Atlanta features a large international community and plenty of
activities.  Candidates should have previous experience in intracellular
electrophysiology and/or compartmental modeling.  Interested candidates
should contact djaeger at for further details.   

-Dieter Jaeger
Associate Professor
Emory University
Department of Biology
1510 Clifton Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30322

Tel: 404 727 8139
Fax: 404 727 2880
e-mail: djaeger at

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