Postdoctoral Position in Computational Neuroscience

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Sun Sep 21 01:20:43 EST 2003

Can you folks use a 'consultant'?

I'll do Custodial work too :-]

Seriously, I'd Love to be involved at the Theoretical

But, if nothing else, thanks for citing your Refs.
I had a search for contemporaneous "deep-
cerebellar" stuff scheduled. Now I have a good
getting-started point :-]

ken [k. p. collins]

"Dieter Jaeger" <djaeger at> wrote in message
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| A funded postdoctoral opening in the area of computational
| is available in my laboratory at Emory University, Atlanta.  The
| research project is aimed at elucidating the operation of the deep
| cerebellar nuclei using whole cell recordings in slices and
| compartmental modeling.  This work will build on our previous
| publications in this area (Gauck and Jaeger, J. Neurosci. 2000;
| The Neuroscience environment at Emory University is excellent, and
| living in Atlanta features a large international community and
plenty of
| activities.  Candidates should have previous experience in
| electrophysiology and/or compartmental modeling.  Interested
| should contact djaeger at for further details.
| -Dieter Jaeger
| Associate Professor
| Emory University
| Department of Biology
| 1510 Clifton Rd.
| Atlanta, GA 30322
| Tel: 404 727 8139
| Fax: 404 727 2880
| e-mail: djaeger at
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