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"New Sun Microsystems Chip May Unseat the Circuit Board", By JOHN MARKOFF

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"For decades, computer designers have tried 
to figure out how to make computer systems 
out of single large wafers. But designers 
have stumbled over the fact that it is 
virtually impossible to create large wafers 
that are free of defects."

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"Now the Sun researchers may have surmounted 
the hurdle with a simple mechanical solution 
- having a bunch of small chips work together 
with the computing properties of a single 

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"Dr. Sutherland acknowledged that Sun has 
more to do before it could determine if its 
proximity communication technology was 
viable. One issue is potential interference 
between the tiny transmitters and receivers. 

This "interference" problem can only be 
resolved via the Topological methods that 
I've been discussing. [Hey Sun, I've been 
working on this problem for decades, and 
am Expert in it. Why not hire me? :-]

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"A second issue is cooling. As chips are 
moved closer together the challenges in 
removing heat increase sharply."

This's a more-'difficult' problem with respect 
to the 'hoopla'-factor of the stuff that's reported-
on - because it necessitates internal 'circulatory 
systems' that diminish the compactness that's 
being celebrated.

WDB2T Rules :-]

Determines what can be done, and the Work 
entailed in drawing-closer to what can be done.
["Volitional diminishing-returns decision" stuff, 
AoK, Ap7, same-old, same-old.]

"Low-Calorie-Diet Study Takes Scientists Aback", By GINA KOLATA

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"For now, no one has a clue about what the 
crucial changes are in a fly's body when it 
goes on or off a diet. `It's been assumed 
that the reason things live longer when 
they diet is that there is a slowing down 
of age-related damage,' Dr. Partridge said. 
But, she added, it now appears that cannot 
be true. `The system has no memory.`"

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"`It seems like the dietary restriction puts 
the flies into a different kind of state 
where they are temporarily able to resist 
damaging events so that they survive rather 
than die,' Dr. Warner said."

Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"But, at least in flies, she can now start 
asking what is happening to give the insects 
a suit of armor against whatever it is that 
might have killed them. Or, she said, 'the 
more interesting question is, What is 
killing them when they eat too much?`"

There's actually no 'mystery' inherent in 
these findings. As I've discussed in long-
former posts, Death is 'engineered' into 
'the' genome be-cause, left to 'blind'-auto-
mation, genetic-instance-to-genetic-in-
stance TD E/I-minimization capacities 
are finite - so organizms Die rather than 
stand in the way of further TD E/I-mini-
mization by succeeding generations.

The 'on/off' dynamics that are Reported-on 
in this article derive in Adaptive-Generality 
that's built into 'the' genome. The low-calorie 
regime 'mimics' hard-food-finding environ-
mental conditions, and switches 'the' 
genome into prolonged-survival mode 
with respect to such. That's all that's 

An analogous, but entirely-Positive, thing 
will happen when the way that nervous 
systems process information via 'blindly'-
automated TD E/I-minimization is Generally 
comprehended - when the 'blindness' is 

Folks'll stop killing one another, so there'll 
come a strong tendency for folks to Live 

But, although this effect will be greatly-sig-
nificant, it will be a minor effect relative to 
the effect that the understanding will have 
with respect to populations-wide TD E/I-
minimization capacities, which are, cur-
rently, largely going to Waste be-cause 
self-interested prejudice-toward-the-familiar 
["PTOFA" [pronounced "too-fa", like the 
sound one makes when expectorating :-] 
has virtually everyone focussing, not on 
Progress, but upon 'thwarting' the 'progress' 
of others.

When this last stuff is overcome, via folks' 
coming to understand the way in which 
nervous systems process information via 
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, 
all of Humanity will be Transformed, and 
as this Transformation procedes, more 
and more of the energy that's been going 
to Waste will be turned to Humanity's 
Generalized Progress.

Anyway, this low-cal 'on/off'-ness is no 
'mystery'. It's just hard-times species-
survival that's built-right-into 'the' genome.

It's a part of the Generalized-Adaptability 
that is what's been referred to as "intel-

k. p. collins

[P. S. Cheers, Ms. K.]

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