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In this post, I'll take a brief 'side-trip' to
discuss a delightful little experiment
that's simple and easy to do.

=Please= understand that I'll be using
the experiment as a teaching 'tool' - an
analogy, and that, after discussing it,
I'll return to the discussion of Coulomb-
force interference dynamics.

This little 'side-trip' is =only= to demonstrate
a useful analogy.

I've kept some of the preceding dis-
cussion to maintain the real thread topic,
but have added the 'side-trip' discussion
at the end of it.

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| | Why the emphasis on Coulomb-force
| | =interference= dynamics, and not 'just' the
| | Coulomb forces themselves?
| Don't get 'way-laid' by mu non-standard
| invocation of "Coulomb Forces". I explained
| TH's position with respect to what's been
| referred to as "charge" in a prior post that's
| still on the board.
| It ions are in motion. The energydynamics
| can be explained in terms of electromagnetic
| wave dynamics [both components of which
| are explained, and reduces to WDB2T in TH
| [I discussed them in long-former msgs, here
| in b.n, and in other online 'places'. If anyone
| wants me to reiterate, just ask and I will]].
| So it's 'just' a pure-wave-dynamics thing,
| within which interference occurs as usual.
| | Of course the Coulomb forces deliver the
| | tuning-power, but anyone whose studied
| | both crystal difraction and the dynamic
| | neural Topology can easily see how use-
| | ful Coulomb-force interference could be
| | as a 3-D tuner, which is =exactly= what
| | is necessary with respect to the Necessary
| | DNA-RNA tuning.
| |
| | There can be great 3-D-precision and dy-
| | namism in Coulomb-force-interference
| | dynamics - just the sort of stuff that's
| | Necessary.
| |
| | When I see something like this, I always
| | pursue it. If it doesn't pan-out, the learning
| | entailed always leaves me closer to the
| | correlated goal of understanding with
| | respect to this or that - so it's never a
| | 'waste'.
| |
| | "Explore widely".
| I discussed all of this stuff repeatedly in long-
| former posts, referring to it as "standing-Wave
| Genetics" [SWG or S-WG].
| It was only recently, during a side-trip into
| Tapered Harmony's stuff that I realized, "Hey,
| maybe folks don't grasp that, within the S-WG,
| diffraction occurs as usual.
| All I've done in these posts is make that
| explicit.
| In the future, all of Chemistry will be approached
| via the things that have been discussed in these
| posts.
| That is, chemical exploration will be pursued
| via Coulomb Force diffraction within dynamic
| Topologies. This will enable both analysis and
| chemical manufacture that have either not been
| considered or been considered to be 'impossible'.
| K. P. Collins
| | [...]

A little experiment that's simple and eays to do,
so I hope you'll replicate it.

Materials: one five-gallon pail [try to get a white
one] and a little soil containing organic materials
["topsoil"], a garden hose with a nozzle, water.

Method: Sprinkle about a teaspoon of the topsoil
into the bucket.

Focus the flow of water from the nozzle of your
garden hose into a high-pressure stream, and
fill the bucket with water from that stream,
training the flow on the side of the bucket so
that it swirls the accumulating water into a
'vortex'. [Point the flow as close to horizontal
as practical, but keep the water flowing into
the bucket.]

Continue in exactly this way until the bucket is
almost full, then turn off the flow of water, and
observe the vortex =patiently=. [This's easy for
me, I find vortices very-interesting :-]

When it looks like almost nothing's happening
anymore, observe carefully, through the water,
in the center of the bucket's bottom.

You'll see the topsoil collected there, still
'swirling' - and, then, you'll see something that
looks like 'magic', but it's 'just' some neat

What you'll see is the topsoil forming a comma-
like 'spiral' - like one blade of a pinwheel.

And you'll see this 'comma' periodically 'disolve'
and re-form - over and over again.

What's happening is an interaction of the water's
harmonics and 'gravity'.

This occurs with observable periodicity be-cause
the vortex's energydynamics are 'hovering' in the
realm of a threshold, and repeatedly crossing it.

When the threshold is crossed in one direction,
the 'comma' disolves. When it crosses the
threshold in the other direction, the 'comma' re-

[This little angular-momentum + 'gravity' system is
exactly-analogous to a balance settling-in at a
'weight' measurement.]

Try it - it's delightful to watch.

What's the 'point' with respect to the DNA-tuning

The 'eddy' currents that're in the hypothesis I'm
discussing can occur in analogous ways, except
that they're all 'Coulomb forces'.

I got started on this line of thought back in the mid-
seventies, when I was working out the role of
neural glia in 'memory'. I was very-impressed by
the experimentally-verified contractile properties
of glia, and saw that these could be produced by
'Coulomb forces', and that, with respect to 'normal'
ionic conductances, they could act in a way that's
analogous to a 'nozzle', but 3-D topologically-

Periodicities inherent in the 'eddy' currents,
analogous to those you observed in the bucket
experiment, would be splendid tuning-forces,
especially when they interact within the endo-
plasmic reticulum, which occurs as a multi-
layered 'spheroid' surrounding a cell's nucleus.

The threshold-'hovering' [disolution and reforma-
tion] constitutes dynamic microscopic "ramp
architecture" which, itself, has excellent properties
with respect to molecular-'level' problems - a mech-
anical analogue would be a fid or a marlin spike
with respect to knots in a rope :-]

The periodicities are nicely-suited to progressive
'folding' that's part-and-parcel to protein conforma-
tion, and the "always downhill-ness" that I discussed
in long-former posts.

The cellular constituents surely difract such 'eddy'
currents, [and they probably self-difract and refract]
and that'd enhance the tuning dynamics, because,
for instance, if the endoplasmic reticulum's 'spheroid-
al structure deformed in a 'Coulomb-force' correlated
way, such difraction [and refraction] within the
periodicities could be rigorously-coupled to experience
iff the constitution of the endoplasmic reticulum shows
variation that can be correlated to experience.

These energydynamics could also tune mitochondrial
function, which adds a whole other 'layer' of tuning
capabilities - low energy output: 'recognize' but
don't 'act'; high-energy: 'recognize' and 'act' - and
all gradations in-between.

Etc., etc. etc.

These are fun possibilities to explore, and Fertile
ground with respect to Experiment.

What I've discussed here is Basic stuff.

Ramping-up it's complexity, a bit, enables it as
a multi-faceted, massively-parallel, prioritizable,
"supersystem" DNA-RNA 'tweezers' :-]

Does what's here help?

Oh, BTW, the thing that's analogous to 'gravity'
within these tuning dynamics is - you got it -
TD E/I-minimization.

Remember, the rigorous-coupling to WDB2T
must be established and maintained.

That's how nervous systems 'know' the external
experiential energydynamics that their host
organisms encounter, and how front-center
behavioral 'accomodation' to them occurs
[in accord with the functioning of the macro-
scopic neural Topology that's discussed in

TD E/I-minimization permeates everything
in-there, right down to the least-part of the
'Coulomb forces' [which are infinitely-divisible].

Anyway, this's a =highly-simplified= 'picture'
of how I see the =necessary= DNA-RNA
tuning as occurring within nervous systems.

To nail the inherent energy-thresholding dyn-
namics is why I pursued Tapered Harmony
"all the way down" to the least-scraps of 'atoms'.

[It'd be a Great-Advance in Neuroscience if
the ionic conductances could be rendered
physically-observable. I do it in the ol' noggin'
lab, which is why I've spent a =lot= of 'time'
peering into fluids in-motion - all the discus-
sions of this or that fountain [mostly with
respect to TH], were actually 'off-shoots' of
observational experience purposefully-cor-
related expressly with respect to this stuff
in NDT.]

Other matter: I reread AoK, Ap6 last night for
the first 'time' since it was written. While doing
so, I realized that I owe some folks an 'apology' -
because that discussion is too 'long-in-the-tooth'.

Substitute all references to "rate coding", "timing",
"synchronization", etc., with the more up-to-date
discussion that I posted in the "Oscillations"
thread 'last year'. All of the above are =artifacts=
of global TD E/I-minimization. [Sorry. AoK is old,
and needs to be rewritten [which is what I've been
doing, 'coloquially', in my online discussions,
which has been the only venue through which I
could do such.]

ken [k. p. collins]

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