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By now, everybody's done the experiment,
right? :-]

Several addenda, below.

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| In this post, I'll take a brief 'side-trip' to
| discuss a delightful little experiment
| that's simple and easy to do.
| =Please= understand that I'll be using
| the experiment as a teaching 'tool' - an
| analogy, and that, after discussing it,
| I'll return to the discussion of Coulomb-
| force interference dynamics.
| This little 'side-trip' is =only= to demonstrate
| a useful analogy.
| I've kept some of the preceding dis-
| cussion to maintain the real thread topic,
| but have added the 'side-trip' discussion
| at the end of it.
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| | | Why the emphasis on Coulomb-force
| | | =interference= dynamics, and not 'just' the
| | | Coulomb forces themselves?
| |
| | Don't get 'way-laid' by mu non-standard
| | invocation of "Coulomb Forces". I explained
| | TH's position with respect to what's been
| | referred to as "charge" in a prior post that's
| | still on the board.
| |
| | It['s] ions are in motion. The energydynamics
| | can be explained in terms of electromagnetic
| | wave dynamics [both components of which
| | are explained, and reduces to WDB2T in TH
| | [I discussed them in long-former msgs, here
| | in b.n, and in other online 'places'. If anyone
| | wants me to reiterate, just ask and I will]].
| |
| | So it's 'just' a pure-wave-dynamics thing,
| | within which interference occurs as usual.
| |
| | | Of course the Coulomb forces deliver the
| | | tuning-power, but anyone whose studied
| | | both crystal difraction and the dynamic
| | | neural Topology can easily see how use-
| | | ful Coulomb-force interference could be
| | | as a 3-D tuner, which is =exactly= what
| | | is necessary with respect to the Necessary
| | | DNA-RNA tuning.
| | |
| | | There can be great 3-D-precision and dy-
| | | namism in Coulomb-force-interference
| | | dynamics - just the sort of stuff that's
| | | Necessary.
| | |
| | | When I see something like this, I always
| | | pursue it. If it doesn't pan-out, the learning
| | | entailed always leaves me closer to the
| | | correlated goal of understanding with
| | | respect to this or that - so it's never a
| | | 'waste'.
| | |
| | | "Explore widely".
| |
| | I discussed all of this stuff repeatedly in long-
| | former posts, referring to it as "standing-Wave
| | Genetics" [SWG or S-WG].
| |
| | It was only recently, during a side-trip into
| | Tapered Harmony's stuff that I realized, "Hey,
| | maybe folks don't grasp that, within the S-WG,
| | diffraction occurs as usual.
| |
| | All I've done in these posts is make that
| | explicit.
| |
| | In the future, all of Chemistry will be approached
| | via the things that have been discussed in these
| | posts.
| |
| | That is, chemical exploration will be pursued
| | via Coulomb Force diffraction within dynamic
| | Topologies. This will enable both analysis and
| | chemical manufacture that have either not been
| | considered or been considered to be 'impossible'.
| |
| | K. P. Collins
| |
| | | [...]
| A little experiment that's simple and eays to do,
| so I hope you'll replicate it.
| Materials: one five-gallon pail [try to get a white
| one] and a little soil containing organic materials
| ["topsoil"], a garden hose with a nozzle, water.

The white pail makes it easier to see the periodic
observables. I chose "topsoil" because it's organic
components go along for the ride nicely. If you just
use sand, the phenomenon is still observabl, but
it becomes less-easily-observed because the
relative mass/volume of sand [it's 'specific gravity']
is greater than topsoil. [This's not to say that there
'cannot' be additional qualities that organic stuff
bring to the mix. The simple apparatus does allow
that Q to be addressed - via many trials in which
the proportion and types of organics are rigorously
varied. But I don't have the necessary capability
for 'choosing' what organics I'll use, and I've not
addressed this Q. I encourage others to do so.
Of course the experiment can be done with
solvents other than water. I used it because it's
convenient. ['history': I first did the general thing
because the water in my trailer was non-function-
ing for 3+ weeks when I moved into my trailer. Dad
had a collection of white laundry-detergent buckets
that I'd brought along with me. [Dad and me value
such general-purpose 'tools'.] Dad had used the
buckets in his gardening, and that's why small
amounts of topsoil was left in them when I had to
use them to carry water into my trailer so I could
flush my toilet. Because I enjoy opportunities to
observe water in-motion, and because I find
vortices interesting, I took that 'route' in filling
the pails. Because I was using the water only
to "flush", I emptied the buckets casually, which
left progressively-smaller quantities of the phen-
omenon-disclosing topsoil in the buckets with
each 'transfer'. And that's how the experimental
design developed :-] [This sort of thing happens
routinely in my experience because I'm always-
"on" with respect to "disecting" commonly-oc-
curring experiential phenomena - always look-
ing for the TD E/I-minimization opportunities that
are =always= right-there in-them. It's my preferred
way of using my "spare-`time`". So this sort of thing
is 'always' happening in my experience. [At its base.
it's a fundamental exploration of TD E/I-minimization,
itself.] Anyway, although I'm "always-on" in this way,
there've been some really-extraordinary stuff 'embed
ded. And, in that extraordinary stuff, I experience
something Bigger. I've written about this sort of Stuff
in the past. It's bigger than a "prepared-mind" be-
cause many of the extraordinary occurrences are,
like this one, =unique= within my experience, and
would've been missed if they'd've occurred in a
different sequence. Why the 'sequence'? I see
Something-Bigger in-it.

Anyway, being "always-on" is one of the ways in
which I endeavor to Honor-Truth, and it's in my ex-
perience that Truth does Honor one right back. [That
Stuff is Experimentally-Verified - not some 'whims-
ical' want-it-to-be stuff.]

| Method: Sprinkle about a teaspoon of the topsoil
| into the bucket.

This was roughly the amount of topsoil left in each
of Dad's buckets after their initial rinsings. I didn't
bother getting them 'squeaky-clean' because, well,
I was only sending the water down the drain.

| Focus the flow of water from the nozzle of your
| garden hose into a high-pressure stream, and
| fill the bucket with water from that stream,
| training the flow on the side of the bucket so
| that it swirls the accumulating water into a
| 'vortex'. [Point the flow as close to horizontal
| as practical, but keep the water flowing into
| the bucket.]
| Continue in exactly this way until the bucket is
| almost full, then turn off the flow of water, and
| observe the vortex =patiently=. [This's easy for
| me, I find vortices very-interesting :-]
| When it looks like almost nothing's happening
| anymore, observe carefully, through the water,
| in the center of the bucket's bottom.
| You'll see the topsoil collected there, still
| 'swirling' - and, then, you'll see something that
| looks like 'magic', but it's 'just' some neat
| Physics.
| What you'll see is the topsoil forming a comma-
| like 'spiral' - like one blade of a pinwheel.
| And you'll see this 'comma' periodically 'disolve'
| and re-form - over and over again.
| What's happening is an interaction of the water's
| harmonics and 'gravity'.
| This occurs with observable periodicity be-cause
| the vortex's energydynamics are 'hovering' in the
| realm of a threshold, and repeatedly crossing it.
| When the threshold is crossed in one direction,
| the 'comma' disolves. When it crosses the
| threshold in the other direction, the 'comma' re-
| forms.
| [This little angular-momentum + 'gravity' system is
| exactly-analogous to a balance settling-in at a
| 'weight' measurement.]

Or a spring + 'mass' system.

In it, the kinetic energy of the water is literally
counter-balancing what's been referred to as
'gravity' - in a kinetic-energy<->potential-energy
cycle [that's analogous to the SSW<->UES
harmonics in Tapered Harmony :-]

| Try it - it's delightful to watch.
| What's the 'point' with respect to the DNA-tuning
| discussion?
| The 'eddy' currents that're in the hypothesis I'm
| discussing can occur in analogous ways, except
| that they're all 'Coulomb forces'.
| I got started on this line of thought back in the mid-
| seventies, when I was working out the role of
| neural glia in 'memory'. I was very-impressed by
| the experimentally-verified contractile properties
| of glia, and saw that these could be produced by
| 'Coulomb forces', and that, with respect to 'normal'
| ionic conductances, they could act in a way that's
| analogous to a 'nozzle', but 3-D topologically-
| distributed.
| Periodicities inherent in the 'eddy' currents,
| analogous to those you observed in the bucket
| experiment, would be splendid tuning-forces,
| especially when they interact within the endo-
| plasmic reticulum, which occurs as a multi-
| layered 'spheroid' surrounding a cell's nucleus.
| The threshold-'hovering' [disolution and reforma-
| tion] constitutes dynamic microscopic "ramp
| architecture" which, itself, has excellent properties
| with respect to molecular-'level' problems - a mech-
| anical analogue would be a fid or a marlin spike
| with respect to knots in a rope :-]
| The periodicities are nicely-suited to progressive
| 'folding' that's part-and-parcel to protein conforma-
| tion, and the "always downhill-ness" that I discussed
| in long-former posts.
| The cellular constituents surely difract such 'eddy'
| currents, [and they probably self-difract and refract]
| and that'd enhance the tuning dynamics, because,
| for instance, if the endoplasmic reticulum's 'spheroid-
| al structure deformed in a 'Coulomb-force' correlated
| way, such difraction [and refraction] within the
| periodicities could be rigorously-coupled to experience
| iff the constitution of the endoplasmic reticulum shows
| variation that can be correlated to experience.

A long-term study of endoplasmic reticulum's 'reactions'
to neural-tissue experience is warranted. I'll not be
surprised if it shows an experience-correlated increase
in 'complexity', and this might be one 'place' at which
Alzheimer's can be attacked. [Recall my long-former
discussions in which I explained my hypothesis with
respect to Alzheimer's, in which, be-cause TD E/I-
minimization dynamics have become overly-fleeting,
the driving of DNA-RNA function 'breaks-off' before
protein synthesis runs to completion - yielding the
"plaques" - scraps of incompletely-conformed pro-
tein - that have been correlated to Alzheimer's. This's
one of the things that's in the hypothesis that I'm dis-
cussing in this thread.]

| These energydynamics could also tune mitochondrial
| function, which adds a whole other 'layer' of tuning
| capabilities - low energy output: 'recognize' but
| don't 'act'; high-energy: 'recognize' and 'act' - and
| all gradations in-between.
| Etc., etc. etc.
| These are fun possibilities to explore, and Fertile
| ground with respect to Experiment.
| What I've discussed here is Basic stuff.
| Ramping-up it's complexity, a bit, enables it as
| a multi-faceted, massively-parallel, prioritizable,
| "supersystem" DNA-RNA 'tweezers' :-]

Microscopic dynamic "ramp architecture" [AoK,
Ap3, 5, 6, 7] that vectors "molecular" dynamics.

| Does what's here help?
| Oh, BTW, the thing that's analogous to 'gravity'
| within these tuning dynamics is - you got it -
| TD E/I-minimization.

[Tapered Harmony's view of what has been referred
to as "gravity" is not at all 'whimsical'. It derives in
these Verifiable physical dynamics, which are right-
there, plain-to-see, within the dynamic neural Topology.
"I looked in the brain and saw the Universe", which
is a physically-functional way of looking into physical
reality be-cause what nervous systems do is literally
"grasp" the energydynamics extant within their host
organism's external experiential environment. So, study
this "grasping" of the energydynamics, and you'll See
the energydynamics themselves. Then, Honor Truth,
more. And so forth.]

| Remember, the rigorous-coupling to WDB2T
| must be established and maintained.
| That's how nervous systems 'know' the external
| experiential energydynamics that their host
| organisms encounter, and how front-center
| behavioral 'accomodation' to them occurs
| [in accord with the functioning of the macro-
| scopic neural Topology that's discussed in
| AoK].
| TD E/I-minimization permeates everything
| in-there, right down to the least-part of the
| 'Coulomb forces' [which are infinitely-divisible].
| Anyway, this's a =highly-simplified= 'picture'
| of how I see the =necessary= DNA-RNA
| tuning as occurring within nervous systems.
| To nail the inherent energy-thresholding dyn-
| namics is why I pursued Tapered Harmony
| "all the way down" to the least-scraps of 'atoms'.
| [It'd be a Great-Advance in Neuroscience if
| the ionic conductances could be rendered
| physically-observable. I do it in the ol' noggin'
| lab, which is why I've spent a =lot= of 'time'
| peering into fluids in-motion - all the discus-
| sions of this or that fountain [mostly with
| respect to TH], were actually 'off-shoots' of
| observational experience purposefully-cor-
| related expressly with respect to this stuff
| in NDT.]
| Other matter: I reread AoK, Ap6 last night for
| the first 'time' since it was written. While doing
| so, I realized that I owe some folks an 'apology' -
| because that discussion is too 'long-in-the-tooth'.
| Substitute all references to "rate coding", "timing",
| "synchronization", etc., with the more up-to-date
| discussion that I posted in the "Oscillations"
| thread 'last year'. All of the above are =artifacts=
| of global TD E/I-minimization. [Sorry. AoK is old,
| and needs to be rewritten [which is what I've been
| doing, 'coloquially', in my online discussions,
| which has been the only venue through which I
| could do such.]

Rather than "artifacts", call them "by-products"
of TD E/I-minimization. This's a better connota-
tion because effector activation =is= "`timed'-
sequencing" of neural activation. It's 'just' that
such "`timed'-sequencing" of neural activation"
derives-in - is yielded as a =by-product= of -
TD E/I-minimization, which is the 'thing' that
must be focussed-upon in order to See how
and why nervous systems process-information -
how 'knowing' is automated within them. [Fo-
cussing upon the by-products of TD E/I-mini-
mization leaves the observer's exploration
disconnected from physical reality - which is
like trying to build a bridge without caring about
the Geometry of the stresses and strains in-
herent in its 'design'. The 'bridge' cannot stand.]

Anyway, this discussion goes on forever in
both NDT and TH.

ken [k. p. collins]

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