neurochemicals and there function in the brain

ZaLTaR Fuckoff at
Wed Sep 24 18:56:44 EST 2003

First I only did research in chemistry synth's en chemical's but i'm
about the use of knowledge in Neuroscience. So, this is day-7 doing reseach
on the topic,


Is there a good web site that describe's the fuction of known
neuro-chemicals ?

Are there a neuro-chemicals (no?? neuro-toxic??) that stimulates ONLY the
re-uptake and release
of 5-HydroxyTryptamine ?

What will heapen if a X dose of 5-HT.Hcl is ingested and a correct amount of
a neuro-chemical that
stimulates the Re-uptake & release. (if there's any),  Shall there be
affects like MDMA without
the nor-adrenaline & dopamine Effects ?

Any way, a list of neuro-chemicals with there function in the brain is a
good way to
start. And cann these neuro-chemicals ingested to process(?) the function of
the neurochemical ?
Like my question above, cann low serotonin level be refueld with Serotonin
(HCl) ?

Or is this a stupid question ?

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