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Sorry about the typo-ed thread title.

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| There's an Article in the October, 2003
| issur of =Discover= magazine, "Nailing
| Down Gravity", Reported by T. Folger,
| p34.
| Everything within it has been resolved in
| Tapered Harmony for more than a decade.
| The "Pioneer anomaly" [it's decelleration]
| is 'just' that object's experiencing the
| waining of Sun's 'dumping' of energy into
| the UES. Pioneer was riding that wave
| dynamic.
| There are g'zillions of energy-flow
| thresholding dynamics, but there is no
| "a0" as the article discusses it.
| The Universal energy-flow is rigorously
| in accord with WDB2T's NL-P.
| k. p. collins
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