genetic control of inter-neuron signals

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> In this crude-analogy, pharmacology cor-
> responds to "foreign currencies" and
> "worth" corresponds to "TD E/I".
> [...]

This "translation" into TD E/I [which is
all 'blindly'-automated by the fact of
impulse activity - that is, within the
neural Topology, the "translation" is
only virtual - the globally-integrated
dynamics just 'see' the activation that
is relative TD E/I].

Anyway, this "translation" into TD E/I
is an absolute-Necessity of maintain-
ing Directionality within the "special
topological homeomorphism of [...] nerv-
ous systems" [AoK, "Short Paper"].

Nervous systems do it all 'blindly'-and-
automatically. It's only us who get
'fooled' by the Existences of the var-
ious pharmacological substances which
implement "functional multiplexing".

It's =us= who must do the "translation"
into TD E/I 'manually' - in order to
maintain the 'visibility' of globally-
integrated Directionality within the
"special topological homeomorphism"
[start working on understanding by
beginning with the discussion of "front-
center orientation in the section of
AoK Ap5 that discusses "reward".]

In these posts, I've discussed 'Diffi-
cult'and =Important= stuff. I Encourage
folks who want to understand nervous
system function to give this stuff the
energy [the 'time'] it needs for it's
understanding. Fight to understand it.
It's a prerequisite of understanding
nervous system function.

[I =APOLOGIZE= for what seems my "uppity"
'attitude'. I'm falling-down 'tired',
and, just now, I can only do what Needs
to be done with the Grace of the Op-
portunity that Dr. Norman's and Neil's
discussion presented. I'm too-'tired'
for 'baby-talk'. But I'm =Sorry= for
not being able to say it in a way that
doesn't seem 'uppity'. I mean no 'of-
fense'. I mean 'just'-the-opposite

ken [k. p. collins]

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