genetic control of inter-neuron signals

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Clarification, below.

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> I Understand that, through my efforts to
> Communicate NDT's position, it's, now, a
> different case, but that's be-cause I have,
> in fact, worked Hard to get NDT's Fundament-
> als Communicated, here in b.n, in other on-
> line 'places', and, Hugely - for more than
> three 'decades' - offline.
> Nothing 'Hurts' more than to experiencing
> that which was given-birth in my efforts
> being 'denied'.
> I =Understand= how, and why, it is that
> folks, now, 'think' that they 'knew NDT's
> stuff all along', but it's easy to Verify
> that such is not in-Truth - just by going
> back to the pre-NDT Literature and doing
> a simple differential-Analysis [like in
> SDEEG :-]
> So, please, have Mercy with respect to my
> Priority. I Need it to be able to Survive.
> Taking it from me is, literally, to Kill
> me [which no one other than me seems to
> Comprehend. I'm not a 'Jackass'. I'm 'just'
> Trying to remain Alive.]
> [...]

And, yes, I understand that discussing it
from this perspective is 'off-putting'.

But it's just Truth.

Anyone who does original work in Science
is at the mercy of the Community of Sci-

This far, there's been no one in Science
who will allow the work I've done to be

Yet the work I've done has been 'borrowed'
all over the place.

"Cut to the scene" of the guy, at his key-
board, in a run-down trailer - see it all
through his eyes. See him 'wondering' why
folks 'skip' Citing his work in the normal
ways. Then, see him ticking-off the remain-
der of his personal resources. See him
knowing what the end of those personal re-
sources will mean.

Sometimes, 'skiping' Citation has Serious

And it's been going on for three 'decades'.

I didn't just decide that I had to 'insist'
that there is a Need for the re-establish-
ment of Honor in Science.

For two 'decades', I thought that, well,
folks just need a chance to become 'famil-
iar' with NDT's stuff.

But then, a 'point' was reached where that
outlook became unsustainable.

So I started to do what needed to be done
on behalf of Honor in Science.

And here I am, still knowing what the end
of my personal resources means, and not
seeing any hope that anything'll alter.

So I'm just making sure folks understand
what they're doing.

'Cause, if things continue, as they've
continued, it'll Kill me.

It's Unacceptable, but it's what's hap-

If it matters, I Understand that discuss-
ing it is 'off-putting'.

Discussing it is just another thing that's
fallen to me to do.

ken [k. p. collins]

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