A Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

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> Gee's Ken you provided three corrections to the same post.  Read it
> correctly and carefully before you send it the first time.  It makes your
> arguments unclear and difficult to follow.
> [...]

There was only one CORRECTION, and it was just with
respect to a stupid-'oversight', not an Error - because
SQR(128) has been Correct in the QBASIC[tm] app all

The rest was just 'clean-up', and comments-added because I
was reposting, anyway..

I did it as I did it 'cause folks're always 'complaining' about
my "standing on what I post".

It's a 'relief' when I actually have to 'correct'  something.

Try to see it from my perspective. I Understand that the work
I do is 'unfamiliar' to folks, so I Understand that I've got to be
Patient, but going over the same stuff, over and over again, is
'Boring' on my end of the discussions. So I just write 'em, and
"Send" 'em.

[I routinely "stand on what I've posted" because I've been,
mostly, discussing only ~1% of the work I've done - which was,
mostly, worked-out 'decades' ago.

The other thing, from my perspective, is that it seems that the
'disposition' of the ~99% is going to be a 'heart-breaker'. I'm
old, but have had to Force myself to carry a Young Man's
Burden - "whilst" enduring all the 'ridicule', my PCs being De-
stroyed, etc., etc., etc.

And, all the while, I See what I See with respect to Humanity's
Survival. [Iraq having "gone amygdalar" - which means that the
June 30 "deadline" will be a Dead-line ['leadership' here doing
the Same-Stuff that 'leadership' amongst the Iraqis is doing -
putting 'seeking-political-advantage' before long-term interests.]]

So, folks'll just have to 'forgive' my posting 'style', which is of
no Consequence, is it?

Nope - at least not, relative to everything else.]

k. p. collins

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> > CORRECTION, below.
> >
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