Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

patty pattyNO at
Wed Apr 7 14:17:46 EST 2004

David Longley wrote:

> Part III

Where I have questions which have never been answered about your your 
usage of the word "Extensionalism" in this context.  Please refer to
where I asked the question: "Can we define 'extensional contexts' by
substituting 'ability' for 'failure' in criteria 1 & 2 above ??"   You 
have never answerd that question.

Now let's take an extensional approach to determine how this word 
'Extensionalism' is actually being used tody.  To do that we can read 
the following context:

Now the results of my reading in that context leads me to conclude that 
an answer of 'yes' to my question above would lead to a eccentric 
definiton of this term.  So is the answer to my question 'No' ??


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