Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

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> Now let's take an extensional approach to
> determine how this word 'Extensionalism' is
> actually being used tody.  To do that we
> can read the following context:
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I read "Ontological Extensionalism" at

~"Recalcitrant language" results from the fact
that Truth is not 'atomistic', but Infinitely-gaded.

That is, as one 'moves toward' Truth, one sees
Truth increasingly, but never, in any way, Com-
pletely, unless one sees =all= Truth [unless one
becomes Omniscient].

Another way of coming at the same thing is that,
as one 'moves toward' Truth, Truth becomes in-
creasingly-more Uniformly-Integrated, every-
thing in-Truth tending toward Uniform-mutual-
Reference. That is, as one 'moves toward' Truth,
everything in-Truth increasingly cross-references
everything else in-Truth - each thing in-Truth in-
creasingly 'addresses' all of Truth.

'language' is "recalcitrant' because it 'chops-off'
the Gradient, inherent, artificially terming this or
that to 'be complete' in and of itself, when, be-
cause Truth is Infinitely-graded, this or that is
just an 'approximation' of Truth.

'language' does this largely be-cause 'language'
remains largely a void with respect to under-
standing how and why 'language' is produced
within nervous systems, and, importantly, be-
cause nervous systems continuously calculate
the energy-consumption costs of progress in
'moving toward' Truth, "calling the grapes sour"
when it's actually just the nervous system's hav-
ing 'decided' that it has 'moved toward' Truth
'sufficiently'. [For those who have AoK, see
the discussion of the "volitional diminishing-re-
turns decision" in Ap7.]

Cheers, patty, ken [k. p. collins]

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