Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

JXStern JXSternChangeX2R at
Fri Apr 9 16:53:31 EST 2004

On Fri, 09 Apr 2004 21:31:34 GMT, "Glen M. Sizemore"
<gmsizemore2 at> wrote:
>>And there were some guys who had a notion that material bodies contained
>>phlogiston. And earlier, there were a bunch of folks who thought that
>>anything that moved did so because of some indwelling spirits. Now, were
>>they right or wrong?
>JXS: You equate Quine with those? Better watch out for David.
>GS: Needless to say, if this was almost any other "place" I would know that
>you were joking, but there are really an awfully lot of stupid people around
>here, and you seem like one of them. So, for the record, "no." I am
>comparing cognitive "science" animism.

That's your theory, and it smells like phlogiston to me.


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