Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

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> > >     The easy familiarity of mentalistic talk is not to be trusted."
> > >
> > >       W.V.O Quine
> > >       Mind and Verbal Dispositions p.83-84 and p.94-95
> >
> > Yes, but this is exactly why the general works
> > of Quine fell out of favor, baby and bathwater
> > together.
> >
> > I have a theory that my computer contains a
> > program, and Quine's behavioristic talk about
> > it just turns out to be flat wrong.
> >
> > J.

> And there were some guys who had a notion that
> material bodies contained phlogiston.

Material bodies do contain the one-way flow of
energy, from order to disorder, that is what's =de-
scribed= by 2nd Thermo [WDB2T].

And WDB2T does Determine their "Materialness".

> And earlier, there were a bunch of folks who
> thought that anything that moved did so because
> of some indwelling spirits.

WDB2T does "indwell" all of physical reality, in-
cluding anything that moves, whether it's alive, or

> Now, were they right or wrong?

I observe that they were just ahead of their 'time',
and missing some important "details" of exposition.

With respect to your other, repeated, thing with re-
spect to showing you a physiological manipulation,
it's old-long-since that Experiment has done exactly
what you say "cannot" be done.

Self-stimulating Electrode placements in the hypo-
thalamus, which are triggered by treadle-pressing,
alter the subject's behavior - the subject will press
the treadle continually, until it starves to death.

All that's needed to initiate this deadly treadle-pres-
sing 'orgy' is an inadvertant step upon the treadle
during 'normal' explatory behavior.

1. Whence comes Autonomy?
2. Whence comes Creativity?
3. Whence comes Curiosity?
4. Whence comes Volition?
5. Whence comes Directionality?

Can Behaviorism answer any of these
questions in a short paragraph? Say,
5 sentences or less?

k. p. collins

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