Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

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> >Your order is partially off, as most of Quine's
> >writing is pre-1960, and most of cognitivism
> >is post-1960.  For that matter, per PMS
> >Hacker, Quine himself was already an apostate
> >verificationist or analyticist, letting in an element
> >of ontological commitment, compared to Witt-
> >genstein and/or the Vienna Circle.
> You'll have to write that again if you want me to
> comment on it. First of all, what I cited was writ-
> ten in 1975.

Hmmmmm... "the plot thickens".

NDT's implosion to unity wasn't completed until
"volition" was Reified in the Fall of 1979, but it's
fundamentals were established in 1971, so I've
got to RETRACT a statement I made earlier this

Thank you for this clarification of dates, David.

k. p. collins

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