Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

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Sun Apr 11 21:34:44 EST 2004

"Lester Zick" <lesterDELzick at> wrote in message
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> The problem is that material interactions are certainly governed by
> quantum effects and relations. We just don't know enough to say
> whether mental interactions are produced and governed by similar
> principles. If they are governed by differential interactions it is by
> no means clear that the mechanics involved need to be based on quantum
> relations and effects even though interactions of the substrate on
> which they are mechanized obviously would.

The only _reasonable_ (~non-religiously natural~) and most generally
conclusive philosophical reasoning possible, is that consciousness (a
complex multifaceted/multilevel/modular phenomenon of being and interacting
as an *individual*) _do need_ (or fundamentally/essentially) the quantum
aspect of What Is going on.

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