Message To America's Students: The War, The Draft, Your Future

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Mon Apr 12 00:03:34 EST 2004

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Look, Nader has a snoball's chance in Hell of
being Elected.

We are at War in Iraq =because=, although
Nader didn't have a snowball's chance in
Hell of being Elected in 2000, he ran any-
way, tipping the balance of the vote to Bush
[with some 'help' from 'political' shenannigans
in Florida], and, despite the fact that Gore
won the popular vote.

Every U. S. Soldier who has Died, or been
Wounded, in Iraq, and all of the Devastation
that's occurred amongst Soldier's Families,
Friends, and, in the case of National Guard
Units, Employers and their Companies, and
the Devastation of Iraq and its Citizenry, in-
cluding Deaths in the tens of thousands, has
occurred because, although Nader didn't
have a snoball's chance in Hell of being
elected in 2000, he ran anyway.

The man is a reckless opportunist, that cares
=nothing= about America or Her Citizenry.

Anyone who supports his 'candidacy' is throw-
ing away their Vote, and 'only' working to
assure that there'll be more Idiotic War, De-
struction, Death, Devastation.

And the man 'thinks' that he's doing anything

If he 'thinks' he can do anything other than
help Bush remain in office, he's Certifiably
out of touch with Reality, and so is anyone
who Votes for him.

K. P. Collins

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