The so-called wave - particle duality is False

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> Paul Dirac and several others physicists
> have long expressed doubts about
> renormalisation. In private they probably
> admit it is a crock of shit, in public they
> state their reservations more politely. The
> interesting thing about QM, in spite of its
> theoretical problems, is  like behaviorism it
> is very good at explaining some fundament-
> al aspects in its area of enquiry. The dual
> slit experiment itself, let alone Wheeler's
> variation, raises all sorts of interesting ques-
> tions. This brings us back to something I
> mentioned in another post:: humans under
> estimate what they can do, over estimate
> what they can finally know with complete
> certainty.
> [...]

Quoting from the web site:

"Wheeler's innovative is this: the time duration
required to insure that the photon has safely
passed the slits but not yet reached the appar-
atus is known to the experimenter, and he re-
frains from deciding which experiment to do.
Only after the photon has passed the slit plane
does the experimenter decide whether to meas-
ure its one slit position (D down) or its two
slit momentum (D up). Delayed-choice exper-
iments of this type have actually been per-
formed, and the interference pattern detected
when D is up is not affected by the delayed
choice. Somehow the photon can retroactively
arrange to go through one slit or two depend-
ing on which measurement is ultimately made."

I've discussed all of this stuff, repeatedly, in
bionet.neuroscience. I don't know how much
of that long-former discussion is available via
a Groups Google[tm], but the double-slit re-
sults, even with Wheeler's "delayed choice",
are easy to explain from Tapered Harmony's

It's all waves.

What have been referred to as "atoms" are
actually spherical standing waves of energy
that are 'trapped' in compression<->expan-
sion harmonic interaction with their 'sur-
rounding' universal energy supply.

SSW<->UES harmonics.

The results occur as they do be-cause, when
a wave meets the stuff of the detector, it in-
teracts with the 'atoms' of the detector, and
this interaction is Dependent upon the com-
pression<->expansion phase of the 'atom'.

If the 'atom' is relatively compressed, it'll
=appear= that there's been a 'particle'-
'particle' interaction, and, if it's relatively-
expanded, there'll be no appearance of
there being a 'particle'-'particle' interac-

That's all that's necessary.

All of this stands Proven in the "Compton
Refraction" QBASIC[tm] app that I post-
ed in several NGs - let's see ~16 'months'

Also, while I'm at it, I'll reiterate that Bell's
Theorem stuff [EPR 'paradox', Aspect-
type experimental results, etc., which are
held to 'verify' so-called "quantum weird-
ness"] is all just WDB2T. [I've discussed
it before, here in, so I'll leave it at

I'd like to discuss all of Tapered Harmony,
in-person, at some place where they Love

Cheers, John, ken [K. P. Collins]

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