Message To America's Students: The War, The Draft, Your Future

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I don't think Nader supporters posted that.  The lower half of the
message is totally different.  I don't recommend voting for Nader, but I
think this is a dirty tactic by some Kerry supporters, probably without
any knowledge on the senator's part.


"J.D." wrote:
> I can't believe anyone would vote for a flaming idiot like Nader, especially
> when his supporters post this junk to a group that has nothing to do with
> politics.  If you're this stupid, then Nader does not deserve anyone's vote.
> <donald at Vote.Nader> wrote in message
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> > We have been down this road before.
> >
> > U.S. troops sent to war half a world away. American foreign policy
> > controlled by an arrogant elite, bent on projecting military power
> > around the globe. A public misled into supporting an unconstitutional
> > war founded on deceit and fabrications.
> >
> > As the death toll mounts, we hear claims that the war is nearly won,
> > that victory is just around the corner. But victory never arrives.
> >
> > As the public loses confidence in the government, the government
> > questions the patriotism of any who express doubt about the war.
> >
> > When a presidential election arrives, both the Democrat and Republican
> > nominees embrace the policy of continued war.
> >
> > The military draft comes to dominate the lives of America's young, and
> > vast numbers who believe the war to be a senseless blunder are faced
> > with fighting a war they do not believe in, or facing exile or prison.
> >
> > The year was 1968. Because voters had no choice that November, the
> > Vietnam War continued for another six years. Hundreds of thousands of
> > Americans like you died, were maimed, or suffered from diseases like
> > malaria. A far greater number of Vietnamese died.
> >
> > Today, the war is in the quicksands and alleys of Iraq. Once again,
> > under the pressure of a determined resistance, we see an American war
> > policy being slowly torn apart at the seams, while the candidates urge
> > us to "stay the course" in this tragic misadventure. Today's
> > Presidential candidates are not Nixon and Humphrey, they are now Bush
> > and Kerry.
> >
> > Once again, there is one overriding truth: If war is the only choice in
> > this election, then war we will have.
> >
> > Today enlistments in the Reserves and National Guard are declining. The
> > Pentagon is quietly recruiting new members to fill local draft boards,
> > as the machinery for drafting a new generation of young Americans is
> > being quietly put into place.
> >
> > Young Americans need to know that a train is coming, and it could run
> > over their generation in the same way that the Vietnam War devastated
> > the lives of those who came of age in the sixties.
> >
> > I am running for President, and have been against this war from the
> > beginning. We must not waste lives in order to control and waste more
> > oil. Stand with us and we may yet salvage your future and Americas'
> > future from this looming disaster.
> >
> > Sincerely,
> > Ralph Nader
> >
> >
> > --
> > and WILPF.
> >
> > NION: Castro and Islamist Terror
> >
> > The Interreligous Foundation for Community Organization is a pro-Castro
> > proxy group. Members of their staff such as Lucius Walker (Executive
> > Director), Marilyn Clement (Treasurer) and Ellen Bernstein (Grants
> > Administrator) are all Castrophiles  In Havana in November 2000, Lucius
> > Walker proclaimed, "Long live the creative example of the Cuban
> Revolution!
> > Long live the wisdom and heartfelt concern for the poor of the world by
> > Fidel Castro!"  This was a follow-up to his pro-Castro speech in 1996,
> > commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Communist Party USA. Marilyn
> > Clement is a co-organizer of the WILPF's Sister-to-Sister Cuba project.
> The
> > WILPF also issued a condemnation of Clinton's Cuba policy in 1998.
> Bernstein
> > was also quoted as saying she believes Cuba is the paradigm of democracy.
> >
> > IFCO does not limit its activity to pro-Castro factions, though.  Its
> > management maintains relationships with extremist Islamist groups as well.
> > Walker travels frequently to Iraq, usually alongside Ramsey Clark. IFCO is
> a
> > member of ANSWER Steering Committee.) Bernstein is a member of the
> American
> > Muslim Council's campaign against the use of secret evidence. Clement met
> > with Palestinians during a WILPF "solidarity" conference in May 2002. IFCO
> > is also a fiscal sponsor of the National Coalition to Protect Political
> > Freedom (NCPPF). The co-founder of NCPPF was the recently indicted
> terrorist
> > financier Sami
> >
> >

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