Decision about my career: Research or Writing?

BMJ parametric_equation at
Tue Apr 13 14:08:46 EST 2004

straydog wrote:


>>There's also another aspect which should be considered.  Having a Ph. D. can
>>reduce one's chances of getting a job, 
> This is true and I have even seen one job advertisement where it was 
> stated that PhDs would not be considered for the job. 
>>even if one has experience in one's field
>>  (or one related to it) before receiving the degree.
>>Somehow, employers fail to recognize that what one does to obtain a doctorate
>>(such as analyzing and solving problems, looking for information, and so forth)
>>would be of great value in the workplace, particularly in today's environment
>>where almost all work is done as a collaborative (i. e., team) effort.
> Most employers want you to be on THEIR team but they don't want you to be 
> part of the decision-making process. So, all that "independence" etc is 
> valueless.

Many just want to have someone to steal credit from when things go right and 
someone to flog when things go wrong.  Some of my former employers were like that.


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