Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

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>>>Frankly, I'm not sure that I mentioned any of these three.  I want to
>>>agree with Peirce, but I'm a bit leary of "signs" as requiring more
>>>intentionality than I want to admit.  That is, I want to derive
>>>intentionality, not assume it.  I think that is the modern challenge.
>>>OTOH, with the proper revisionist interpretations, there is a lot to
>>>learn from the last 2500 years' work in semiotics.  Maybe.
>>I haven't read the website yet but if we take the approach you suggest
>>the only way to derive the signs is through analysis of the agent and
>>the mechanics associated with that agent.

Good to know someone sees something. Can we then reduce the issue to
one of agency and the mechanics associated with agency?

>I'm not saying it's easy, or even that I can outline the entire
>process, only that something like that has to be the case.
>> You can only derive the
>>intentionality, if I understand the term correctly, from properties
>>characteristic of agency in general. Which I take to represent
>>differences and differences between differences.
>Mmmm, not so much like this.  Actually, the "intentionality" I would
>derive might look a lot like some neo-verificationism, or something
>along those lines.

Not familiar with what you have in mind.

>Causality, it's all about causal analysis and systems.
>Joshua Stern
>(see continuation on this topic under a new thread title,
>"computational semiotics", on c.a.p. and s.c.)

I've looked at the thread but I'm wary of detailed discussions on
sematics, semiotics, etc. because these kinds of terms have so much
academic and scholastic baggage. Agency I can deal with mechanically
in terms of causation. With sematics, semiotics, etc. you have to
address and resolve the mechanical issue before such terminological
issues begin to make any sense at all. Why not just start a thread on
Agency in general and see where it goes?

Regards - Lester

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