Message To America's Students:

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Thu Apr 15 19:56:43 EST 2004

Ralph Mowery wrote:
>>And the little general 'Ross Perot' brought us the devastation of the
>>Klinton years.
> He was correct on one thing , the big sucking sound was the jobs leaving
> this country.  Well all but one sucking sound anyway.
> He had my vote.
> I did vote for the independant party in the last election as neither the
> Dems or Repubs have done anything that seems to have made any differance for
> the good of  this country in the last 15 years.

Yeah, he had my vote too. But what a mistake. Bush was right, the 
economy was rebounding, and Klinton rode it and destroyed it, along with 
allot more.

I do not like this "Homeland Security" crap, but shutter to think what 
ALGORE would have done (Police State anyone).

I now vote "lesser of two evils". Democrats lose that one hands down....


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