Brain, Behaviour and Extensionalism

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Sun Apr 18 14:52:51 EST 2004

patty <pattyNO at> wrote:
> Curt Welch wrote:

> >     experience flows in -> behavior flows out
> >
> > For the entire life of the AI.
> I think that is still forgetting about the lion.  Try this coding:
> (experience flows in) (behavior flows out) (the world changes) repeat.
> Sorry to be so intransigent on this ... but it is a philosophical view
> point that i really don't see you appreciating.  This view may actually
> inform AI.  In traditional AI we think of programming just an artificial
> brain ... with this view we think of programming the artifact *and* the
> environment simultaneously.

What I wrote includes the lion.  There's an obvious assumption that what I
wrote implies a feedback loop even though I didn't draw it.  This is what I
am takling about:

     |                   |

loop until the brain dies.

To the brain however, the universe doesn't actually exist like that.  The
way I drew it the first time is conceptually more accurate from the point
of view of the brain (which is where I spend a lot of my conceptual time).
The way I drew it the second time is to help those who believe that the
universe exists outside the brain, instead of inside it (which is most of
us).  What you find inside the brain is the mirror image of what we think
of as "the universe".

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