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> this is my second reply to Eray's original post -
> thanks to Eray and Ken for their prompt
> and cordial responses (Eray, my email to
> you was a wrong click of the mouse - i
> only meant to post that message, not email
> it - thank you for the personal response,
> nonetheless)
> i have perused AoK and find it surprisingly
> exciting and insightful, but my main motiva-
> tion in requesting and reading it now, is the
> treatment of decussation.  i linked to that
> topic from the index, but i found little material
> specific to decussation.

The Index in the electronic version of AoK
is inadequate -- it jumps to main topics which,
then require the user to do some reading.

As is discussed in it's "Short Paper" section,
AoK can be read, in its entirety, as a discus-
sion of a superset of the phenomenon of decus-
sation -- "the special topological homeomorph-
ism of central nervous systems".

AoK, Ap3 is a technical "embodiment" of a
portion of the phenomenon of decussation --
in particular respect to the entirely-inhibitory
outputs of the cerebellum, and, as is decalared
in that Appendix, constitutes a Proof of NDT's
central principle, the "TD E/I-minimization

All of AoK is necessary for a brief overview
of NDT's reification of the "special topological
homeomorphism", which includes decussation
and much more.

Decussation cannot be comprehended separate
from the "special topological homeomorphism",
because the strictly-decussation-delimited neur-
al architecture does not form a complete Topol-

> very likely i missed the point since, as
> i admit, i have not read the whole work yet.
> (i do plan on reading it all, promptly)

AoK is packed very-densly, and needs to be
read slowly and carefully, with a good  Neuro-
anatomy text being referred to, 'simultaneously'.

AoK is written in a multi-'leveled' way that re-
wards the Reader for doing multiple readings.

During every such reading, a 'new' 'level' pops
into awareness.

This happens because the nervous system ["the
brain"] is a massively-parallel system, and, be-
cause of that, and the necessary sequencing of
'language', in an initial reading, stuff that's actual-
ly necessary for the comprehension of any in-
dividual sentence in AoK has probably not yet
been read.

The fullness of what's in AoK only becomes
available to the Reader when he has poured-
over the ms. in a way that allows him to think
the stuff of every sentence in AoK, with respect
to the stuff of every other sentence in AoK.

That's how AoK was constructed, and is what's
necessary if one wants to comprehend nervous
system function.

Of course, AoK only does this in a brief and
introductory way.

> so, can someone point me at the more specific
> decussation material, or, if it's already posted,
> point me at those posts or forward some to me?

It's as above. AoK is all about "the special topo-
logical homeomorphism of central nervous systems",
of which decussation forms a major sub-part.

All of AoK is necessary if one wants to compre-
hend "decussation".

I'd like to offer to take your questions, but I
think I'll be giving up my Internet account shortly.

But try, before tomorrow, if you have questions
by then.

ken [k. p. collins]

> thanks much
> [...]

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