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I've Eliminated 'irrational' numbers

r norman rsn_ at _comcast.net
Thu Apr 22 07:27:18 EST 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004 06:23:29 GMT, "ken" <kpaulc@[remove]earthlink.net>

>"mat" <mats_trash at hotmail.com> wrote in message
>news:43525ce3.0404211624.1750cf8b at posting.google.com...
>> > 11. It does this be-cause when A and B go-
>> > Irrational, they balence each other =Exactly=!
>> > ...
>> > "Bye-bye, 'Irrationals'.
>> So do irrational numbers exist or not?
>"Number", itself, is, 100%, a learned mental
>construct, so all sub-forms of "Number are
>also learned mental constructs.
>The closest "Number" gets to being physical-
>ly-real is in "counting", but, since no two phys-
>ical entities are Identical, "counting" is also
>a learned mental construct.
>So, in what way do "learned mental constructs"

Ken, if you really want to go philosophizing about mathematics and
reality, you should learn some mathematics and its foundations.

Leopold Kronecker (1823-1891) said "God created the integers, all else
is the work of man." You are about a century and a half too late with
this notion which is well known and well discussed in discussions of
number theory, set theory, the nature of continuity, and especially
history and philosophy of mathematics. The nature and existence of
mathematical notions of imaginary numbers, non-Euclidean geometries,
hierarchies of infinities and the like is well known.

You might as well also question the existence of "learned mental
constructs" as honor, integrity, loyalty, etc.  We humans live in an
intellectual world of ideas which transcend the physical reality of
the spatial/material/energy world our bodies inhabit.  Every
introductory philosophy student is confronted with the question "what
is reality".  Most get over it.

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